Arai XD3 helmet is made for on road motorcycle riding and off road motorcycle riding

Carried by The Helmet Center, the arai xd3 motorcycle helmet is made not only for on road motorcycle riding but off road motorcycle riding as well. The crossbred motorcycle helmet is a superb choice for any type of adventure riding. It would be hard to find a hybrid motorcycle helmet made of higher quality or with longer durability. The motorcycle helmet is well built with a unique look.

One feature of the arai xd3 helmet is the near perfect fit as long as you get the right fitting cheek pads. An extremely important feature of the helmet is the ease with which the helmet can be removed. The easy off motorcycle helmet is handy anytime, but it can be important when off road riding or adventure riding. The easily removed motorcycle helmet can assure you quicker medical attention. In case of emergency the arai xd3 helmet has strings you pull for the rapid release of the cheek pads allowing the helmet to come off quickly with ease.

Another outstanding feature of the arai xd3 is the airflow system. Designed with multiple vents, the arai xd3 has a cooling system that really works, leaving the rider cooler than many other helmets on the market today.

The arai xd3 motorcycle helmet is best known for its use of solid colors. However, you do have choices when selecting the color scheme that is right for you.

The arai xd3 motorcycle helmet has a pull down spoiler for face protection and to decrease the noise level. The full face shield protects you from flying debris and insects. You also have the option of using goggles. if that is your preference.

The is one of the premier web sites where you will find the unique looking arai xd3 helmet along with any motorcycle accessory, for you or your bike that you may want. The Helmet Center has retail stores in Phoenix, Arizona as well as on line shopping with reasonable prices on the arai xd3 motorcycle helmets. You may also find specials and free shipping offers to further reduce the cost of your helmet.

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