Are You Properly Dressed For Your Motorcycle Ride?

Have you ever gone to get on your motorcycle and stopped yourself for just a second and said to yourself, “Should I be wearing some thing a little more protective?”  Chances are the answer to that question is usually, “Yes.”  The reality that you even had to ask yourself that question indicates that you’re probably not effectively equipped or dressed for the ride, and that you should reconsider what you are wearing just before you get out on the highway.

The motorcycle trip should constantly begin with a review of what you are going to be wearing.  1st and foremost, we’ll begin with your head.  Got your motorcycle helmet?  You ought to usually have a excellent helmet that meets DOT safety standards or SNELL ratings so you know your helmet with hold up and protect you in case an accident had been to happen.  Your motorcycle helmet is the single most crucial piece of equipment that you can have when heading out for your trip.

Next, you ought to be wearing a motorcycle jacket to assist protect your arms and torso from injury, particularly injuries like road rash.  Time and time once more I’ve heard horror stories of guys crashing their bikes, and they weren’t wearing a very good jacket.  Just imagine the thought of sliding down the pavement going 45, 50 miles an hour and not having any protective gear on.  That sounds pretty painful doesn’t it?  I’m certain that any person who went by way of this experience will tell you that they wish they were wearing their gear.  The jacket need to be made of thick leather and reinforced armor padding.  This sort of jacket will be able to withstand the scraping and scratching that a fall will bring.

Your legs also will need to be protected when you’re out riding your motorcycle.  A good pair of riding pants or motorcycle chaps is a wonderful solution for protecting your legs and buttocks in the event of a fall or crash.  Riding pants or motorcycle chaps, like motorcycle jackets, are made with reinforce padding on the knees, and buttocks.  These additional padding patches are usually rigid which prevents them from bending or flexing.

Some other safety apparel items to take into account are gloves, boots, and goggles (if you’re not wearing a full face helmet).  Leather motorcycle gloves will help to protect your hands in the event of a crash or fall, and they will also block the wind and cold on any trip.  Shoes are also an important piece of equipment that you need to pay attention to.  I prefer to wear my steel toe boots when I ride because they supply maximum protection, particularly from flying debris that might come up off of the road.  Motorcycle boots also supply superb protection for your feet and are normally lined to offer insulation throughout those cooler rides.  Do not wear flip-flops, sandals, or any other type of shoe that will leave your foot exposed in any way.  Not only will these varieties of footwear provide no protection in the even of a crash or fall, but they also leave your feet exposed to the parts of the bike that turn into very hot when riding.  If you’re feet come in contact with any of these parts, they might be severely burned.  Goggles assist protect your eyes from excess wind and cold, and any flying debris that could injury your eyes and negatively affect your vision.

Remember, it’s critical to make positive that you are wearing the appropriate riding gear every time you get on your motorcycle.  Helmets, jackets, pants or chaps, boots, gloves, and goggles are all fantastic pieces of equipment that will support protect you the next time you head out for that motorcycle trip.

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