Bradley Smith Partakes Motorcycle Grand Prix Season With Repsol Honda Team 125cc

At the age of 16, Bradley Smith is partaking in his second Motorcycle Grand Prix season with under the banner of the Repsol Honda Team 125cc. At such a young age, has already achieved his very first pedestal after finishing as the third placer at the French Grand Prix.

Bradley has been recording very good times throughout the very first third of the season. He also ran at great speeds and even managed to get onto the podium in France.

In an interview he said that he was actually searching forward to racing at Donington. He considers the Grand Prix a really unique 1 because many of his English fans will be going to the venue, wearing t-shirts and cheering for him.

When asked about the missing thing that is hindering him to run continually, he answered that he requirements to be stronger in the opening laps for his speed is the same as his rivals’. So he could run faster than them in the last laps. He deduced further that he has to give 120 percent in the very first few laps. But he added that will not exaggerate his performance because he believes that mistakes can cost time as well.

In the Euro Sport interview, he was also asked on the thing that stopped his very first win. He replied that he might be greater on worn tires due to the fact that is when he could be quick and stay with them. He believes that the riders in the front do not seem to be able to pull away when their tires are worn out. He commented that his fellow riders are impressively quick at the beginning with their new tires, but they are just like the average. He would consequently take advantage in the last laps where he is confident he will win.

Bradley hopes that he is strong sufficient now, considering the several tests that they were doing. He is a hundred percent motivated and he considers motivation an crucial point. He wants to prove to the public that winning the podium was not a coincidence and that he was able to achieve the same result.

As regards Faubel, he said that nobody is setting a truly very good race pace though the practice times are comparable to those of last year. This is the reason why he thinks only Faubel has been able to repeat the win.

Bradley is also searching forward to racing with his fellow young riders, but he is a lot more focused on dreaming about winning a 125cc race, and not about riding a MotoGP bike.

About Bradley Smith

Born in 1990, Bradley Smith is an English motorcycle racer, whose father raced in Motocross, and the family owned an open practice track. At the age of 6, Brad got his first motocross bike.

He applied for selection to the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) academy for young racers, but was never selected. He spent a year in 2004 competing in the Aprilia Superteams competition, where he finished fourth behind three ACU Academy riders.

Brad still attends and studies at Wheatley park school.

About Honda

Honda Motor Corporation manufactures top of the line auto parts like Honda door lock. Moreover, aside from its wide array of products and services, it is also into auto racing where it had presented several fantastic teams and races.

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