Buying, Riding and Watching Motorcycles in Utah

With its warm, arid climate and mountainous terrain, Utah is a natural playground for many motorcyclists. Loose mountain trails, paved canyon roads, and flat expanses of high way can accommodate everything from dirt bikes and sports bikes to touring and traditional bikes. In university towns like Provo and Orem, scooters and mopeds are also common sights.

As home to the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah also has a rich history in racing. Since 1914, hundreds of land speed records have been set on the salt flats during the summer and fall months. Since most of the events are open to the public, amateurs and professionals alike can enjoy the sound and sight of vehicles racing over sparkling flat the terrain.

If you are looking to buy new or used motorcycles in Utah, there are a few things you should know before you drop any money though.

First of all, you need to know the real cost of driving a motorcycle. In exchange for the thrill of riding and saving a fortune on gas, motorcyclists increase their risk of injury and death. Even the best motorcycle drivers can fall victim to the inexperience of other motorists or poor road conditions and the anatomy of a motorcycle simple doesn’t offer the same kind of protection that cars do. Utah law doesn’t require riders to wear helmets, but they can make a huge difference in your condition if an accident does occur.

In addition to the price of your bike, driving a motorcycle requires a license, insurance and a little schooling for the activity to be legal and safe. Add a few accessories on top of that, and you you’ll see why you need to factor more than the purchase price into your budget if you’re thinking about buying a motorcycle. I wouldn’t suggest selling your car either since cold weather, ice and snow make motorcycle riding uncomfortable and unsafe.

When you fully understand the cost of riding a motorcycle in Utah, the next step is deciding which kind of bike you want. Four main categories that bikes usually fit into are cruisers, touring bikes, and sports bikes.

Cruisers, which usually cost between ,000 and ,000, are pretty heavy and stable bikes with low saddles that can accommodate riders of all sizes. Cruisers are often showy and boisterous bikes.

Touring bikes are even bigger because they usually have a roomy passenger seat and storage compartments for holding the supplies and company that many bikers prefer to take on longer road trips. They are slightly more expensive than cruisers with a price range between ,000 and ,000.

Sports bikes are typically the lightest kinds of motorcycles on the market. They are also are very powerful. The bike anatomy facilitates a forward-leaning riding position rather than upright. This makes the rider more aerodynamic, but it isn’t a comfortable position for long distances. The price range for sports bike is anywhere from ,000 to ,000.

If you’re just looking for a bike to get you from point A to point B, you might want to look at traditional models. Without the special designs for touring, stunts and showiness, these bikes are the most affordable costing anywhere from ,000 to ,000 dollars.

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