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Easy Touch

In their hit song “Slow Hand,” the Pointer Sisters capture the essence of Reg Pridmore’s riding philosophy: use an simple touch. Being careless or abrupt spoils the mood; smooth is the name of the game. It works. After cutting his teeth on British race circuits in the 1960s, Pridmore went on to win the AMA [...]

All You Need to Know About Motorbike Insurance

You have just purchased your new bike and are anxious to ride it, to take pleasure in the freedom that only a motorcycle can give. Your new machine shines and sparkles in the garage, calling out your name, wanting to take you on the ride of a lifetime. However, you know that you need to [...]

Motorcycle Training ? Get your CC’s Safely at a Training Centre

My dad employed to say to me, “I’ll get you a low cost vehicle when you are old sufficient, but you are not having a motorbike!” I imagine that over the years, numerous parents have echoed these same thoughts and the exact same reasoning and had the exact same fears for their kids who are [...]