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Motorcycle film scenes that will make you drool!

We all love a good motorcycle scene and obviously the mystery of the character sat on top of it. The leather clad, tall (no doubt) handsome man atop any one of the automotive industries’ leading dare-devil machines just oozes cool, fierce and sexy. Here are the Top 5 motorcycles and their characters that will be [...]

Motorcycle Helmet Features Are Awesome

When you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet, there are many distinct alternatives and features for you to decide on from. Some of the most crucial are related to convenience and to comfort. Other people substantially boost the safety factors for wearing a helmet. It is critical to juggle both when making a helmet buy decision, [...]

Boating In New Zealand

By the very nature of New Zealand’s position, boating is bound to play an important part in the lifestyle of its inhabitants.   Two small islands surrounded by so significantly water, plus very good rainfall and running rivers inland, lends itself to the imagination of a firm of boat builders. The Maori, the 1st inhabitants, [...]