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The Police And The Motorcycle Helmet

Jeremy has been a member of the California Highway Patrol for the past 6 years. This individual wanted to serve the public and ride on the bike as a kid and got the chance to do both after graduating from secondary school. The job did not pay much but the rewards came when the roads [...]

I’m Game

I’M Game A even though back I was watching a show featuring Joe Namath. He was promoting his new book and was going to be in our area in time for the Christmas sales. I couldn’t wait to get in line to acquire 1. I like Joe Namath. He has a wonderful success story to [...]

Transportation Used For Going Back To School

Parents that live in rural parts of the country may well select strange methods for transporting their children to school. The transportation used for going back to school might be the tractor that the father uses in the corn fields or the family cow may well be employed to transport younger children to a bus [...]