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Buying, Riding and Watching Motorcycles in Utah

With its warm, arid climate and mountainous terrain, Utah is a natural playground for many motorcyclists. Loose mountain trails, paved canyon roads, and flat expanses of high way can accommodate everything from dirt bikes and sports bikes to touring and traditional bikes. In university towns like Provo and Orem, scooters and mopeds are also common [...]

Motorcycle Accident Statistics & Tips To Prevent A Biker From Becoming A Motorcycle Accident Victim

Motorcycles can be thrilling to ride, however, accidents happen quite frequently and the injuries sustained by motorcyclists and passengers are often severe and is the cause of many wrongful deaths. In fact, there were a total of 4,082 motorcycle accidents in the year 2008. Of those accidents, 127 were fatal motorcycle crashes. The number of [...]

How To Prevent Motorcycle Injuries,Motorcycle Windshield And Motorcycle Parts

The majority of cases of motorcycle accidents are due to speeding and/or riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Since motorcycles don’t provide the same protection as closed vehicles, most riders are killed instantly, especially if the accident involves a collision with much larger vehicles. Statistics show that motorcycle accidents increase in number [...]