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Harley-Davidson Jewelry Your Ticket to Ride in Style

Harley-Davidson is an iconic name in motorcycles. 1 that reflects a exclusive slice of Americana which bikers and admirers hold in the highest regard. A Harley embodies independence, strength and freedom; the quite fixtures that our nation was built upon. It’s no wonder, then, that the brand has inspired an expansive line of clothing, accessories [...]

Want A Chopper And Motorcycle Windscreen? Build Your Own!

Motorcycle chopper kits are a growth industry. But what does that mean to you and me? Well one thing that we know is that we will have more choppers to ogle at. There is not a single day that goes by without more and more pictures of chopper bikes that have just been finished showing [...]

Advice for Selling a Used Motorcycle Online

So you have decide to sell a used motorcycle.  People choose to sell their used motorcycle for numerous reasons. Some people sell their used motorcycle because they are buying a new one or another used one. While others may be selling their used motorcycle due to a lack of time to ride, moving, or various family reasons.    You have several options when it comes to motorcycle wholesale. You could either trade it in on another motorcycle, sell it to a motorcycle dealer, or sell it yourself.  If you choose to trade it in or sell it to a motorcycle dealer the most you will probably receive from the dealer is the wholesale value of the motorcycle. If you choose to sell your used motorcycle yourself then you will be able to ask for the full retail value of the motorcycle. Even if you have to negotiate the price down a little with a potential buyer you are still going to be ahead. In almost all cases selling your used motorcycle yourself will be your best option. Selling your used motorcycle yourself will take a little more effort, but we believe that effort will be well worth it.