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Best Motorcycle Braking Practices

Several things affect your bikes braking ability, as well as your ability to avoid skidding or being tossed off your bike like a slingshot pellet. Weight distribution, road surface conditions, braking system type, tire condition, suspension, and most of all, rider skill. First, let’s consider what enables you to change anything about the speed and [...]

Shop online for Used Motorcycle

Being a female, I was brought under strict family rules. Where I was in school, my parents incorporated a great deal of discipline in me and my brother. We had strict guidelines, had to get up at 5 every morning, no matter if it was cold dead outside. Back then, I hated that type of [...]

Ace Cafe

Located in London’s Ace Corner, North Circular Road Stonebridge, the ACE Cafe London is 1 of the world’s most renowned places when it comes to motorcycles, classic cars and rock and roll. The ACE Cafe has put Stonebridge on the map as it has gathered men and women ranging from 18 to a 100 for [...]