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Motorbike Stunts

A wheelie on a motorized vehicle is not a new motorbike stunt. In drag racing, they are considered as a difficulty of robbing control that could be used to improve the speed of the vehicle faster, and many classes of drag racing use wheelie bars in order to stop them. However, those are the vehicles [...]

Riding on Piaggio

Life is changing is huge time in this world. New-age inventions have added competence and diligence in our lives and have enabled us to live life more comfortably. However, with this advancement there are some side effects also – improve in traffic on roads everywhere being one of them. Commuting has turn into a huge [...]

Streetfighter Motorcycle Styles Around The World

The age-old question has been asked a lot more and much more lately. What defines a Fighter? Well, depending how numerous people you ask, you’ll typically get that several different answers. We’ll get the obvious out of the way. Sport oriented motorcycle removed of anything unnecessary to its function. Normally stripped of most bodywork, fitted [...]