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How to Create More Intimacy with Your Valentine

February is perfect for cuddling, with the cold weather and longer nights. No wonder it’s known as the month for romance. But, as a member of the Sandwich Generation, does caring for your growing kids and aging parents make you too tired to bring Cupid back into your intimate relationship? Lucy was on the [...]

Exploring Aviation in Central Florida: Attractions Offering Flying Fun For The Entire Family

Central Florida attractions have plenty to give visitors and residents of all ages. Stunning gardens, thrilling amusement parks, historic buildings and museums, fine eateries, and live entertainment from around the globe. However, for some, that just is not enough. Every year, thousands flock to Polk County for the quite a few aviation events that fill [...]

How to Ride a Motorcycle

Years ago, most men and women did not learn how to ride bikes properly. For most, the ‘proper’ way of learning consisted of a fifteen minute lesson from a friend on how to utilize the clutch and throttle, just prior to you would fly down the road into traffic on a borrowed motorcycle that you [...]