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Stephen Bonnici Track Cycling Coach

Stephen Bonnici is Pedalfast Coaching lead Coach, he has assisted Tour de France stage winner with his training,along with Great Britain Track Cycling Teams, Teams from Australia and Sweden Ireland Wales English Cycling Teams.   His approach to motivating individuals and teams is unmatched within cycling, his ability and knowledge has pushed World class teams to achieve truly staggering results. With the right level [...]

Claim Your Lane! Part 3

In the last installment of “Claim Your Lane!” we discussed my opinion of mirrors vs. learning to grow to be more aware of the area that 1 is navigating even though on the bike. The next logical question is “What can I do to navigate greater on my bike?” The very first thing to believe [...]

Racing and Riding with Pain

Racing and Riding with Pain   BY COACH MARC SPATARO     Regrettably injuries and pain are frequent occurrences within the sport of ATV racing and riding.  Dealing with these problems can be challenging particularly when deciding whether you ought to maintain on racing or let your body heal and rest.  Many of the professional [...]