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Learning how to Operate a Motorcycle

Learning how to Operate a Motorcycle The idea of riding a motorcycle is to allow you the freedom of the open air while traveling. It can also be a very inexpensive way to travel or to commute. Learning how to operate a motorcycle is very important. You don’t want to be an inexperienced operator out [...]

Motorcycling Hobby or Work?

Motorcycling- Hobby or Work? A hobby is work you appreciate and usually do not get paid for.  Work, on the other hand, is work you need to do to keep bread on the table, and the wolf from the door.  When your hobby becomes just work with out the pay, get a new one or [...]

Ventura Motorcycle Accident Attorney?s Top Ten Secrets of Police Determinations of Responsibility for Motorcycle Accidents

1. A hot chick on a motorcycle in a bikini is never at fault and an all points bulletin for an ambulance is issued.   2. Joe the plumber is possibly going to be at fault.   3. Sarah Palin in costly clothes would be a quandary.   4. A pig with lipstick in the [...]