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Indio Motorcycle Accident Attorney?s Top Ten Ways to Get Your Bike Trashed in a Motorcycle Accident

1. Riding your bike in an elderly person’s blind spot.   2. Riding your bike in retirement communities.   3. Letting an individual else ride your hog.   4. Joining a daredevil motorcycle gang.   5. Riding a bike for the very first time.   6. Riding in the truck lane real slow.   7. [...]

Just What is So Compelling About Riding a Motorcycle?

Sometimes men and women may wonder what it is about riding a motorcycle that makes it so compelling. Some folks wonder why anyone would want to take the risk of obtaining on a quick two-wheeled vehicle and apparently putting their well-being in jeopardy. The reality is, riding a motorcycle might simply be the most thrilling [...]

Wear Motorcycle Helmets? That Is A Good Question!

Motorcyclists are often evaluating the use of motorcycle helmets. Is this basically a matter of preference or are there substantial problems to be considered? A friend of mine (Bill) has chosen to ride with a helmet, or at times with out a helmet. He says it depends upon riding conditions for him. One [...]