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Riding Your Motorcycle the Safest Way Possible

There are many diverse techniques to ride a motorcycle safely, nevertheless, overcoming several of the key points in riding, all at the same time, can be challenging for some people. Braking, cornering, stopping, riding in inclement weather are just a few of the motorcycle safety difficulties a rider can run into at any given moment. [...]

A Brief Guide to Learning to Ride a Motorbike in the UK

With all the frequent changes to motoring legislation and regulations, it may appear much more tough to figure out what you want to do to ride a motorbike in the UK than it is to actually pass the required tests. So I will attempt to break down the required tests and certicates here. In all [...]

Wyked Illuzionz, Premier Motorcycle LED Light Vendor, Coming to the Sanford Fl Bikefest

The Sandford BikeFest (Thunder in the Streets) is one of Florida’s quite a few effective motorcycle events.  This year it will be held October 10-12, 2008 on the waterfront in Sanford, FL.   Wyked Illuzionz, a premier motorcycle L.E.D. light vendor, will join other food and motorcycle related vendors at Fort Mellon Park this year [...]