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Motorcycle Riders Course

If you are new to the concept of riding motorcycle you should consider taking a motorcycle safety course. You need to learn about how to properly operate your motorcycle. You also need to learn how to be not involved in an accident. If you have completed such a course, most insurance companies will also offer [...]

Motorcycle Traveling Man 05/31/10

Motorcycle Traveling Man 05/31/10   This is the first of a series of stories about Motorcycle rides and riding. Each story will take you on a wonderful journey as well as provide many road tips along the way.   To start the day I always check the weather forecast for conditions. It is important to [...]

A Great American Motorcycle Ride

Route 66 lets you discover the soul of America. At times you’ll use alternate routes because some of Route 66 is now abandoned, but you can still explore major parts of the original route. You’ll need a large bike suited for long-distance comfort that can carry enough gear. On your 4,500 kilometer ride, get a [...]