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Motorcycle Insurance – Safety Cover for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle is the first selection of today’s youth for their transportation needs. It’s a stylish and convenient way of traveling at a faster pace. This quicker pace sometimes can lead to unexpected happening in the form of accidents. The rate of motorcycle accidents has increased over a period of time. Also, there can be loss [...]

Understanding a Motorbike Training Course

Before you can ride a motorbike on the road in the UK, you need to undergo proper training with a licensed training school. A very good motorbike training course will aid you to get onto the road in no time. However, not all training schools will offer you with great outcomes. There are quite a [...]

Preventing Injuries While Racing and Riding Motorcycles and Atvs

Preventing Injuries while Racing and Riding Motorcycle and ATVs By Marc A. Spataro The other day I was asked by 1 of my racers if there was anything he could do in order to prevent injuries from occurring during racing.  After some thought and a little study into some of my strength and conditioning journals [...]