Driving Motorcycles to Save Gas ? Not Your Hospital Bill

Want to save some dollars? Thinking about purchasing a motorcycle to save dollars and gas?

According to my research, buying a motorcycle could be great for your weekly gas bill, but it could also sets you up for an extended trip to the hospital – or worse. There are some enticing factors to buy a motorcycle. Contemplate this: Mid-size motorcycles get 40-50 mpg Employed mid-size bike costs ,000-,000 What’s not in this short list are the safety concerns associated with driving a motorcycles. The National Highway Visitors Safety Commission did a study and put together a laundry list of conclusions.

If I assume all the conclusions are causal, then it translates into this list of “lessons learned”:

Wear a helmet

Stay of rural roads

Do not drink and drive

Be actually careful going around turns

Stay off undivided roads

Do not speed

Don’t drive at night

Stay away from fixed objects

Discover to brake and steer in emergencies

Do not age (my favorite)

Get a license

With a list like this, it feels like you should keep your motorcycle in the driveway. The report also says that when looking at accidents from 1990 through 1999, if you are in an accident on a motorcycle, there was a 3.6% chance that you would die in that accident! Put differently, that’s virtually a 1 in 25 chance. One more study showed how understanding how to drive a motorcycle and being formally trained is genuinely crucial. In this study, 92% of motorcycle drivers had been self-trained or trained by friend and family. Furthermore, much more than half of all the accidents were from drivers that had much less than 5 months of driving experience on the accident motorcycle and much less than 3 years of total riding experience. For anybody who’s thinking about purchasing their initial motorcycle, you are in this demographic.

I don’t want to be too a lot of a cynic, since motorcycles are a lot of enjoyable and there are numerous great motorcycle drivers who will never get in an accident. I employed to drive a motorcycle and so did my dad. Lots of my friends have driven motorcycles too. I stopped driving my motorcycle after a bid accident and at least one of my friends stopped driving after his dad was killed on his motorcycle. It’s grim, but that’s my personal story and it’s consistent with the studies I quoted above. If I’ve convinced you that driving a motorcycle may possibly not be proper for you, then consider putting that ,000 towards a various car that you will be happier driving.

Before hitting up any automobile brokers be positive to check out http://carsala.com. It’s a excellent way to locate cheap used cars and on the web used cars. It could be nicer to drive, get far better gas mileage, or both. Happy driving – whatever you may possibly pick to drive!

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