How Are Six Sigma Implementations and Motorcycle Rides Related?

Understanding the basic philosophy is important because it is only then will you be able to understand the real need, meaning and purpose of Six Sigma implementations. To get a clearer picture, let’s look at some of the most prominent similarities between Six Sigma implementations and motorcycle rides.

It’s Always “The Long Road Ahead”

Whether it is Six Sigma implementations or planned motorcycle rides, the stakeholders in both the cases know that they are about to begin a long journey, the outcome of which is often quite difficult to predict even when all the necessary precautions might have been taken. The stakeholders in both cases no doubt have a certain predefined goal and a plan of action, but even then it is very difficult to determine what actually lies ahead and whether or not the journey will be fruitful.

These are the challenges that stakeholders in both the cases have to bear in mind before starting on the long road ahead. Obviously, this calls for plenty of courage as well as the ability to overcome unforeseen and unpredictable issues on the part of the stakeholders.

Avoiding Heavy Traffic

To make the journey an enriching experience for everyone, efforts have to be made to avoid heavy rush or traffic along the way. Preparing a proper roadmap before stating the journey can certainly help, but since it is quite difficult to predict all the potential traffic jams or bottlenecks, stakeholders should be encouraged to use their creativity and innovation to the fullest. Taking the path less traveled may sometimes prove bumpy, but since it is always better than getting completely stuck in heavy traffic, the stakeholders need not shy away from utilizing this option as and when required.

However, since one can never deny the risk of reaching a dead-end situation, it is recommended that the decision to set aside the planned roadmap and take a new turn should always be taken by a stakeholder who knows the ins and outs of the given area or domain.

Time Constraints

In both cases, there are time constraints that need to be considered, especially if the desired objectives are to be achieved. For example, in case of Six Sigma implementations, it is the project deadline you might have to deal with whereas in case of highway cruises, you may only have the weekend to spare. Inability to meet the associated deadlines can result in unwanted liabilities such as additional project expenses, lost sales, or you missing out on your work on Monday. As such, ensuring timely completion should be a priority in both the cases.

I hope by now you have a pretty good grip on the basic philosophy of Six Sigma implementations and its inherent metaphorical similarities with highway motorcycle rides. If not, then just plan and go on a ride this weekend. You will know what I am talking about- trust me!

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