How To Prevent Motorcycle Injuries,Motorcycle Windshield And Motorcycle Parts

The majority of cases of motorcycle accidents are due to speeding and/or riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Since motorcycles don’t provide the same protection as closed vehicles, most riders are killed instantly, especially if the accident involves a collision with much larger vehicles.

Statistics show that motorcycle accidents increase in number every year. What’s worse is that the fatalities due to these accidents also rise. This can be attributed to the increase in the number of motorcycles traveling on public highways and streets. As more and more motorcycles occupy the road, the number of vehicles that compete with others on the road increase, thus the chances of accidents happening are greater.  

Another factor that plays a part in the increasing number of fatalities from motorcycle accidents is the fact that a lot of inexperienced drivers continue to cruise on the roads. Statistics show that 90 percent of motorcycle accidents involve inexperienced riders. A lot of motorcycle riders did not attend riding school. It’s either they were taught by relatives or friends or even worse, self-taught. Despite of their lack of skills in riding, they were able to get a license.  

Fans of motorcycle riding attest to the thrill that they get whenever they race on the streets and they often forget that what they’re doing is very risky. It is vital that every motorist, whether using a car or a motorcycle, should keep in mind that almost all accidents are attributed to the negligence or lack of discipline on the part of the driver. Moreover, all vehicular accidents are tragic on the part of the victim, which is usually the driver in the case of motorcycle accidents.  

Here are a few tips on how to prevent motorcycle accidents from happening:  
1. Before riding your motorcycle, make sure that you have a license.  
2. Before riding, be sure that you are trained professionally. It would also be helpful to be knowledgeable about maintaining your motorcycle so that you would be able to keep it in top condition. Don’t do the major repairs by yourself. Bring it to a reputable repair shop.  
3. Even if you have been trained professionally, do not overestimate your riding skills. Arrogance is one of the reasons why motorists choose to ignore rules and regulations  
4. Do not drink alcohol before driving.

5. While riding, make sure you are wearing a helmet and other protective gear such as boots, long pants, jacket, gloves, and sunglasses. It would also be wise to use clothing that are bright in color since this will help other motorists and pedestrians notice you better.
6. Always follow traffic rules and regulations. Do not ignore traffic signs. Always drive along the proper lane. It is not wise to share lanes with larger vehicles like trucks and cars. In general, the drivers of these vehicles are only looking for vehicles of somewhat the same size so they may not notice you until an accident has already taken place. Moreover, maintain enough space between your motorcycle and other vehicles.

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