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Different ways of Purchasing a Hearing Aid on Wholesale

Among the five key senses of the body, hearing ranks on the upper end of the list. So important is it that our lives would not be the same without it. Hearing allows us to participate actively and efficiently in conversations, listen to our favorite music, know when danger is lurking around us and generally be alert. So it becomes such a painful experience when our ears start giving in and wearing out. The loss of hearing can dent our self-esteem as we become aware of our deficiencies in communication with others. This issue can be tackled with the help of hearing aids. You might already have a clue of what hearing aids you need but then where do you buy them from? Especially if you decide to purchase your hearing aids directly from a wholesaler, what do you need to consider? This article is the answer to your hearing aid questions and is also a sensible tool for retailers in the sector.

Take time to think about the ‘buy-everything’ option. It refers to purchasing not only the actual hearing aid but also all accompanying services involved from partners of the wholesaler. If you are a retailer, you should consider this when approaching wholesalers since it is the best and most common way to sell a hearing aid to a customer. The entire package could include the hearing aid, hearing tests, fitting, programming of the aid and aftercare of the device. This means tends to involve payment of a lump sum amount, which might seem expensive to some, but the perk is, it is an all-in-one package. This also requires the wholesaler to liaise with audiologists so as to enhance their service delivery.

Alternatively, one could go the route of the ‘service-led’ way. Most consumers may feel uneasy paying a lump sum fee all at once. For some, the issue is the price while for others it’s a matter of trustworthiness when huge money is involved. It is this reasoning that leads most to the service-led way. Here, you simply purchase the hearing aid and the specific service you want. This way, you keep off services you don’t want.

The other option is to get programming software together with the hearing aid. The concept, in this case, is that you first get a hearing test done and results from the audiologist. Send the results to the wholesaler who in turn sends you a programmed hearing aid together with the programming software. Once you have the hearing aid, you can program it to the level you want.

Finally, you can choose just to get a pre-programmed hearing aid. It is a cheaper option and also universal in terms of the hearing ailments considered.

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