Kids Age, an Important Factor to Consider Before Selecting Ride on Toys

Do you find frequently locate your tiny toddler riding an imaginative bike or a car? If yes, then it’s absolutely the right time to get ride on toys for your child. While there are so many factors to contemplate when choosing ride on toys for children, age is definitely the most essential of all.

Here is a brief discussion on selecting age suitable ride on toys for children:

• 12 – 18 months: At this age, you can not expect your child to pedal the ride on toy since he/she can only propel the toy utilizing both the feet. Hence, it is greater to get pedal riding toys that are stable sufficient to offer balance for your child. Four-wheeled pedal riding toys would be a lot more suitable than 3 or two-wheelers.

• 19 – 23 months: Children at this age can just sit inside the toy and push it with their feet. They tend to get attracted to vibrant colors, music, and lights. It is advisable to look for ride on toys with baskets as children this age like to carry along their toys or things.

• 2 years: Imaginative play becomes much more prevalent at this age. So look for toys that are much more realistic. Since kids at this age will have balance, you can go for three-wheeled ride on toys.

• 3 years: Your child will now be able to pedal the toy on his own. While he can ride 3-wheeled toys, he wouldn’t have developed the capability to ride a two-wheeler. Tricycles can be opted supplied they have foot brakes.

• 4 – 5 years: Battery operated ride on toys w atioppropriate at this age. Nearly all kids at this age will discover to ride a two-wheeler on their own with the assist of training wheels.

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