Laughing at Life

Never appears to fail, when I‘m having a bad day, I have it all day lengthy. Murphy’s  law: “If it can go wrong, It will” works well at my home.   More often than I would like to feel about. A case in point was just a couple of weeks ago.

Our coffee maker kept overflowing.  It was a known brand bought new at our local department store.  When it initial began overflowing, I packed it up in the box, carried it back in to the store and got a replacement. I thought I had just bought a defective one. I had no idea the whole darn batch of coffee makers were garbage. The second 1 was worse than the 1st. You would turn it on or program the timer, sit back and wait for that initial cup only to discover it never went in the carafe.  Instead, it ran over, down the cabinets, onto the floor and all over the location. Not only did I have a mess to clean up, I had zero coffee.  I was going to be late to work cleaning up the mess. My day was shot just before I had even gotten out the door. I drove too quick, risking a ticket. My boss was upset I was late. I missed one of those endless staff meetings.  At 10 o’clock I still had no coffee. The phone rang off the hook.  No one was happy with anything, and my patience was running low.  Murphy’s Law was working well that day.  

My husband was convinced I was doing some thing wrong making the coffee, so he decided he would make the next pot. I guess he was performing something wrong also, due to the fact the darn thing made one more mess. He said, “Okay tomorrow we want a refund.” The next morning he woke up to a cup of coffee by his bedside. “What happened,” he wanted know.

“I Fixed it.” I proudly proclaimed.  He went in the kitchen to look. Sure enough there was no mess on the floor or on the cabinets. I had set the worthless contraption in the sink. The overflow went down the drain. At least we can say we each got 1 cup of coffee out of the thing. We bought one more brand. If you would like to help us pay for this new far more high-priced piece of machinery, buy something from our excellent motorcycle shop.  We’ve got a little something there for each motorcycle or Off Road rider.

Life occurs all the time at our home. My daughter and I had been sharing a auto. She was driving to school one morning and I was riding with her so I could use the auto. We were talking and in a hurry. We both got in the vehicle, fastened our seatbelts. She began it up, threw it in reverse and backed correct via the garage doors.  The great news is the foundation of the house was still intact. At least that is what I told my husband when I referred to as him. The bad news is the doors are a bust and the automobile is slightly damaged was the next message he got. He called the insurance organization. I will have to give them praise here. They came through. For my house owner’s deductible, , I got new garage doors, my automobile repaired, a lengthy lecture about safe driving and a rate improve. When you least suspect it, life will occur to you.

To minimize the damage an unexpected life happening can do even though you are on your motorcycle try to believe ahead and be as prepared as possible.

Maintain your bike in great running condition. Do not ignore modest or significant repairs that need performing. My husband likes to say he’s inexpensive and he can be. He likes to spend just enough to get some thing fixed. I, on the other hand, want to invest enough so the issue does not reoccur. He will wait until the last minute to acquire windshield wipers for the vehicle. It drives me nuts. I acquire wipers for my car whenever the rain starts smearing the windows instead of clearing them.  I do not like limited vision. I check my tires on the bike and auto frequently and get them replaced when the treads starts to wear. He waits until he starts having flats. I top off my gas whenever it gets below the halfway mark. He drives until the light comes on or the gauge is rocking on empty. Needless to say, I spend much more than he does on the vehicles I drive. Has it made any difference? No. He gets by as well as I do and has a lot more funds in his pocket. Why do I continue this spending and anticipating things going wrong, when he has proved to me over and over his plan works just as well. His plan is: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” I thought a lot about this and I feel it is because I can not fix it, so I want to stop it from breaking down. He has mechanic skills and knowledge and can fix it. This confidence carries him by means of. If you are like me and not a walking talking book of knowledge on how to fix a broken down motorbike, then maintain it in great shape. You will be safer on the road. Life won’t take place near as often.

Wear Protective Gear. You actually do not want a life happening without a Dot helmet on, Do you?  One spill with a tough bang on the head and your brain stops working all together or will put you in a vegetable state. The only way I want to be in a vegetable State is when I’m traveling through the Mississippi Delta and I am reading the signs on the fields of what business these vegetables are being grown for, then I will know I am in a State known for it vegetables.  At our new helmet website  you will find a wonderful selection of DOT helmets at prices you can afford. Protect your head.

Lighten Your load. Yesterday I saw an unusual internet site on a motorcycle, even for the south where there are thousands of bikes on the road at any given time and you just might see anything at any time.  It was a pretty cool day for Southern living with a high of about 40 degrees. A rider had a child about 5 or 6 bundled up in a fur coat and a helmet riding behind him. The little girl was sound asleep and leaning way over the side of the bike.  I hope the driver’s excuse was this is the only transportation he had, and he was taking her to the emergency room, since I can’t feel of yet another reasonable excuse for the child being there and being  hauled around like that.  It also reminded me of top heavy driving.

 Weight not correctly secured becomes a top heavy hazard you cannot control, Use a very good sissy bar bag or saddle bags to carry the things you are hauling around with you. The range of the bags right now is outstanding. There are even travel bags with wheels. Secure them with the tie downs and locks. Make sure you can’t feel a weight shift when you begin up. Everything is critical to your safe ride.  If something is loose it will shift or come off.  You will either lose the luggage or the bike. Take a look at our motorcycle bags  If you do not see the 1 you are interested in,  let us know. We will be glad to look for the size and design you want.

Laugh a Little. When your next life happening comes along, laugh a little at it. What else can you do?  Will need a new job, can’t find 1, reinvent yourself and do some thing distinct.  You might not make what you had been making, but work is out there. Vehicle or bike broke down and no money to fix it? Trade a couple of jobs with a very good mechanic. They work lengthy hours with little off time, and often looking for yard workers, home repair people, and babysitters.  Kids need clothes and funds is tight? Shop the thrift stores. The possibilities there are endless. Want entertainment but you are on a tight spending budget?  Take in the local museum. Take the children, wife or friend on a bus ride.  See the city you live in.  Go hiking.  Go on a picnic in the park in the snow.  Try trading videos with a friend.  Bills got you down?  Cut back to the bare bone. Make sacrifices.  Ask the kids to make sacrifices. Have a yard sale.  Try selling on eBay.  Take one day at a time.  

Life occurs all the time to all of us. We can wallow in it or meet the challenge.

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