Motorcycle Ride In Indiana On A Honda Magna

A Motorcycle Ride On A Honda Magna.

Kicking back to take a break from the every day routine is great! Even in rural Indiana farmers and business people alike can enjoy their weekends inexpensively by cruising the countryside on a motorcycle. My favorite machine is one that has been in our family for sixteen years now. This particular bike is a 1995 Honda 750 Magna, which today is worth somewhere between 00 trade-in and 00 retail.It has low profile,low mileage and a beautiful shine…a classy medium-sized street cruiser. Because of the 4-stroke engine, it doesn’t make a huge noise, but
sounds a little like a Harley and has been mistaken for one being if not looked at closely. When she was new, one family member rode her out West, but that is the only big trip she’s seen since. The family has
shared rides on poker runs, weekend cruises, and trips to the lake, along with serving as an occasional second vehicle for work. But mostly she’s for fun! Not too good in the rain and snow, but its been tried by some. You’ve
heard the saying…”You’re not a real biker until you’ve had to put cigarette butts in your ears to keep out the rain”? It doesn’t work! Its still cold and nasty out there without the leathers.
Even if you are old as dirt, motorcycles are a fun way to travel light and get there fast. Driving sensibly and defensively the old fashioned way is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your sweetie and go visit the
state parks enjoying the sunshine and brisk air in your face. Believe it or not there is some exercise involved, too, and it helps you to feel young and alive. There’s something about the comeraderie of bikers on the road who
wave and always lend a hand to one another when there may be a problem ahead. You can find these hand signals different places on the Internet. Happy riding, and look out for each other. Be cool!

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