Motorcycle riding in winter ? why not!

Now that it is coming up to the coldest and most miserable winter months, it throws up that question everybody of us has to decide each winter – to ride or not to ride? For most, it will depend on their own personal circumstances regardless of whether they decide on to maintain their motorcycle going over the winter or to tuck it up nice and warm in the garage. Well, if you determine to store it, there a few things you need to bear in mind to do to maintain it in top condition.

Storing your Bike

If you just can’t face the rain, sleet and wind you are likely to endure over winter then it is possibly greatest to wait until the weather brightens up a bit. Come across a excellent space in a covered area or preferably a garage in order to store you bike and get cleaning. It is extremely critical to clean your bike just before storing it to get rid of all that dirt and grime and stop damage to the bodywork. After cleaning you must wax it, once more this helps to protect against damage.

You must drain the oil and the fuel to prevent from deposits building up in their tanks and store this separately. You should also remove the battery and store this separately away from the cold to stop the acid from freezing. The bike ought to be parked on a platform or at least two blocks of wood to prevent damage to the tyres by means of corrosion.

It is a good idea to check your breaks, wiring and air filter before storing it. If you discover any part is damaged, you may think about replacing it before storing it. Damage to the wiring insulation must also be repaired just before storing, as this will stop further, far more serious damage whilst it is not in use.

You should also replace faulty parts or damaged areas. It is highly suggested that you replace the parts with particular manufacturer parts. For example, if you have a Honda motorbike, you ought to only ever use Honda motorcycle spares. These will last longer and work a lot far better with the bike rather than low cost imitations. To guarantee you are not acquiring imitations, usually buy direct from a specialist Honda motorcycle parts distributer.

If you locate your self a bit lost on what to do for your particular bike, you must also refer to the manual. Even though this won’t tell you exactly how to prepare for Winter, it will show you in detail how to carry out certain things mentioned above.

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