Motorcycle Sales Scoot Along Thanks to New Waves of Riders

In Virginia the weather has taken a gorgeous, sudden turn from a lot of rain to a lot of heat and sunshine as April comes to a close and we welcome in Might.  Already seeing a couple of days reach higher than 90 degrees on the thermometer, it has warmed up swiftly — perhaps some indication that a very hot summer lies ahead.  And other than plummeting into a nearby pool, lake or ocean, what far better way to beat the heat than to hit the open road with nothing between you and the pavement except the metal steed of your choice?  Or, if you can’t have your option, how about a steed that is safe, affordable, greater for the environment, and efficient in these tough economic times?  Since it appears the only things rising quicker than the temperature these days are motorcycle sales and enrollment in motorcycle safety classes, the latter of which I would highly suggest prior to enjoying life on two wheels — or 3, not to exclude the trike riders!

Whilst some statistics might show that overall motorcycles sales took a hit last year –down 7.2% from 2007 according to The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC)) — compare that drop to the drop in the automobile business, where the top Japanese automakers averaged a 12.three% drop and the top U.S. automakers averaged an alarming and job-cutting 24.7% drop in sales.  But without delving any further into statistics than required — since it’s not really component of the point I am attempting to make – my point is that a lot a lot more individuals are parking, if not selling, their gas-guzzling [and for that reason funds-guzzling] SUVs, and once once more purchasing and mounting the original “green” machines.

A recent boom, as I would describe the motorcycle population on the road in the last year, began as a way for folks of all driving ages to fight increasing gas prices.  The most obvious indication here was the ridiculous 41% boost in scooter sales.  Now, if you’re like me, the word “scooter” conjures up images of Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) and Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) doubling on their moped in Dumb and Dumber. But that which was formerly considered an embarrassing – and in the aforementioned blockbuster, laughable — means of transportation now begs the question, “Who is laughing now?”  Though quite a few scooter riders don a full-faced helmet and dark visor — for safety factors, of course –- you will find no inferiority complex from those now proudly conserving their environment and saving money at the pump.  And whilst maintaining incredible fuel efficiency since their invention, scooters have come a long way in style, too, particularly since 1994 when Lloyd Christmas was in the market.

In addition to the scooter scenario, I have a couple of theories I believe are boosting motorcycle sales.  We all know downsizing from four wheels to two is actually greener and helps defend against roller coaster fuel costs.  But come on, not everybody is in a pinch.  And what better excuse to scratch what has been itching a lot of folks for a long time?  Whilst I’m conscious that a lot of folks are scared to death of motorcycles, I would argue that several more have been waiting for the proper “reason” to buy 1.  Riding motorcycles isn’t just for gangs, roamers and vagabonds anymore.  As a matter of reality, the population of “rubies” (rich urban bikers) is 1 of the fastest growing groups of bikers out there.  And far more and far more ladies are giving up the back seat for a throttle of their own.  When I took the motorcycle safety class, there were ten students in my class.  Eight of them were women!  There are now bikes of all shapes and sizes to fit individuals and egos of all shapes and sizes.

All of this leads to my second theory.  With new waves and circles of riders come new waves and circles of peer pressure.  Come on, man, get 1.  Everybody’s doing it.  You know you want 1.  Are you scared? Okay, so maybe the peer pressure I’m talking about isn’t exactly the same as the after-school unique scenario, but we do live in society where several feel the pressure to maintain up with the Joneses or are simply pushed over by the influence of other people.

In a round about way, I am trying to shed light on a current scenario.  Motorcycles, especially utilized motorcycles, are on the move.  With a lot of new riders graduating on a weekly basis, individuals are looking right now for a suitable motorcycle.  While quite a few are able to continue purchasing new, which is also great for our economy, a lot of people are cutting back.  I submit to you that now is an exceptional time for those who can upgrade to do so and put your “old” bike on the market.  Because what began as a response to rising gas prices has evolved into motorcycle fever.  Bikes, trikes, hogs, scooters… you name it, there’s somebody out there searching for it.  There’s somebody out there looking to beat the heat and “join the gang” in a motorcycle revival that’s sweeping the nation.  So take advantage of the market and sell your bike.  It’s time for an upgrade.

To all the new riders out there… your steed awaits you.  Ride safely.

Just A. Little expert guidance.

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