Motorcycle Traveling Man 06/04/10 thru 06/06/10

I am back! I told you I would continue to write about my Motorcycle rides this season. On this weekend we went to a BON party weekend. This was an event co-sponsored by BON. I say co-sponsored as the party was NOT initiated by BON but by a local group funding their activities with the handicap. BON had allowed this group to use their name and social network to advertize and to gain more support.


The event was centered or head quartered in Lincoln New Hampshire. For those who are not familiar with this town, it is located in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. So it goes with out saying how lovely the region is.


Friday began with a lot of Bikers arriving from all over Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. These had been the three states the party was advertized for. The area has various varieties and locations for overnight accommodations. All were still at “Pre-Season” rates so it was very affordable. We chose to stay in a cottage less than a mile from the event center. Men and women were on their own for dinner that night and drinks after had been at the Beacon Inn, the event headquarters.


Saturday started the event cycle. The weather was warned to be wet, but as all true Motorcyclists, a little water does not discourage us! I for 1 make sure I have all my gear ready for inclement weather and whatever I am in want of I go to to make certain I have all the Motorcycle Gear and Accessories to address any riding scenario.


We register for the Poker Run. The Run takes the rider by means of the White Mountains and has a route mapped out for about 110 miles. Being from the area I was quite familiar with the route and the Poker stops. We join with a group of 9 bikes and they had been from Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. The route and region was new to most.


We as a group determine to take the route starting with the ride on Route #112, the Kancamagus Highway. We left Lincoln on the “Kanc” (locals refer to it as this) headed for our first stop. The ride is really nice as we reach the highest elevation of the Kancamagus, pass through the Kancamagus Pass, 2855 feet above sea level. The views are Exceptional through this area! The group continues to the end of the “Kanc” and we turn onto Route 16 North and continue to our very first Poker stop, Laconia Harley Davidson. This is located on Route 16 in Conway, NH.


Here everyone evaluates the gear they are wearing. Most dressed for the impending rain. We have been blessed, there is no rain and none in sight! Everyone strips off their rain gear and cools off. Again I am thankful for having a variety of Motorcycle Gear as gives several possibilities and selections so you are ready for every riding situation.


We leave and continue to the next stop. This stop is a really short distance from the last so the ride is fast. Despite the fact that most of my experience shows that it is really long and hard to pass through the town of North Conway. The town has numerous shops and restaurants to give. If you ride with a lady fiend it is tough to pass through with out stopping in at least 1 shop! We all pass by way of with out stopping, a first for me! The traffic was also OK as it is still “pre-season” for this region. In a later ride I will bring you along a route that by-passes this congestion and supplies some Great riding! That is a later ride.


We make it to our next stop, Hills Top BBQ in Glen, NH on Route 302. Routes 16 and 302 share the exact same road until about a mile before we reach the BBQ. We now continue on Route 302. Here a few riders decide to take lunch. Our group decides to continue to the next stop on the map. We all agree it still could rain and we want to make the whole Poker Run and stay dry!


The next stop is the Irving gas station and convenience store. Here a couple of gas up and we all get our next card draws. At the time, Chris, a fellow biker in our group has a hand that has us worried. So far he has a pair of Aces! This could be difficult to beat? My Lady and I bought 4 total Poker hands and at each draw we still haven’t gotten a card higher than a 10! We run into some riders who chose to make the run in reverse. They tell us the roads are clear and that we may possibly want to expand the ride further than the map accounts for. We do a fast weather check and decide to cut the ride shorter than what is mapped out as we see a cloud mass heading our way.


We escape the clouds with only a sprinkle or two and it lasted much less than 5 minutes. Yes it rained, but so little I wouldn’t even say we got wet. We turn off Route 302 to Route 3 and head back to Lincoln and the last stop at the Woodstock Inn. Here is where you get your last card draw. Once more no high cards and no face cards. We are a little disappointed until we realize that although we don’t have any high cards or pairs, all our little cards make a Straight Flush! This is the highest card hand you can get! We are now very confident. Our Straight Flush is only a 6 high Straight, but we figure most will not beat it. Time will tell!


We go to dinner, back to ur room and prepare for the evening’s festivities. Once again we change out our Motorcycle Gear for the appropriate Leather for the night ride and party. Thanks again to for supplying every thing a Biker needs for any riding time or condition.


The night is filled with enjoyable, drink, music and good friends. We did in fact win the Poker Run with our Straight Flush and we also won the 50/50 cash draw! All-in-all, the weekend was great and we met some new riding friends! No one can have too many friends to ride with!


Until my next ride; Stay safe, wear the proper Gear and maintain the rubber side down!



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