Motorcycling Cordura Suit

Motorcycle protection clothing is always a must. This also includes motorcycle suits as well. Reason being suits offer protection in case of a fall; because they are to a large extent have armor protection to offer for knees, back, elbows, shins, shoulders, hips so, you can also put on your work clothes, put a riding suit over your work clothes in about 30 seconds, drive to work in pretty much any temperature whether rain or shine, and get there in civilized shape. It would take about maximum 30 seconds to remove the riding suit.

Industry of motorcycle clothing has really gone advanced during the past few years with progress in manufacturing techniques, materials and product development and there are almost no more bikers being conservative buyers. Leather used to be the only material for motorcycling clothing in past but now a choice of materials including Cordura is very popular and high in demand. This material is lighter than leather making racing suits more comfortable whilst riding and are also far better for protection against the cruel cold or burning hot weather conditions. D600 Cordura material has fantastic anti abrasion and wear and tear properties.

Cordura racing suits are a good choice. As a matter of fact Cordura enjoy the high wear and tear resistance and is good to keep rider safe from harsh weather conditions. Also these textile garments dry out much faster than leathers so when touring, clothing made from these materials are a good idea.

Cordura riding suits are made of 1.0 mm thick perforated cowhide leather and D600 poly Cordura. This combination reduces the overall weight by half for this suit. Pre-curved sleeves with stretchable Kevlar for proper riding position are also an important feature of these suits. Dual stitched seams with nylon stitching add durability. These Cordura suits are perforated in sleeves as leather is notoriously hot in summers. Stretchable Kevlar at crotch, inner arms, behind knees and lower half of legs for perfect fit and ease of movement. Strong YKK zippers all over the suit are used..

Cordura material keeps rider warm when needed but also allow vents in the design of the garment to let in air when it is burning hot outside. Also these textile garments dry out much faster than leathers so when touring, clothing made from these materials are a good idea

Fitting issue must not be overlooked at all. Racing suit must be bit tight however; a racing Cordura suit that is too tight may cut off circulation. Just make sure the required measurements taken for buying a suit should be taken and noted accurately. Various options may also include pockets, how perforated, and will it easily accept extra armor?

Protection offered by a Cordura riding suit is not a deniable fact. Cordura suits have fully removable Injection Molded Armor at knees, shoulders, and elbows. This armor is far superior compared to what other retailers’ offer. These suits also have removable dual thickness spine protector and fixed double density hip armor. Cordura stretch panels at lower back and above the knees Fixed Mesh lining Velcro’s for attaching knee pucks are sewn on. Knee sliders are attached to the Cordura racing suits and come with the suit for free.

All features of the motorcycle Cordura suits are tested from the seams to the zippers to make sure high resistance for tearing, cuts, impact abrasion, and burst resistance. Armor for extra protection is inserted into the shoulder area, back, hips, knees and elbows. Leather is the most traditional form of motorbike clothing but even that has advanced in recent years.

Whatever riding suit you buy, it’s important it be comfortable or you won’t want to wear it. Riding suits are a must as all motorcyclists are aware of this fact. Whether buy one piece racing suit or a two piece motorcycle riding suit that is on the discretion of the biker.

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