Motorcycling Hobby or Work?

Motorcycling- Hobby or Work?

A hobby is work you appreciate and usually do not get paid for.  Work, on the other hand, is work you need to do to keep bread on the table, and the wolf from the door.  When your hobby becomes just work with out the pay, get a new one or rethink the old one.

When Jerry and I initial got married, we spent a lot of week-end time at his Grandparents location on the river, about two hours from home. He was determined to teach me to fish. There’s just something about worms and minnows wiggling around in your hand that deters my interest in fishing. I am a softie. I love to eat fish, but I do not want to catch them and kill them.

One week-end when we arrived, the nearest neighbors, Pat and Wayne were there. They were an older couple, and spent a lot of retired time on the lake. As we had been unloading, Jerry started telling them about the fishing news he had heard at the minnow location.  The crappies had been reported moving into shallow water, and biting challenging. I’ve never seen such enthusiasm. “Let’s Go Buddy,” I heard Wayne say. The two men begin to throw tackle boxes, rods, reels, flashlights, running lights, life preservers, nets, drinks, a few food supplies and two buckets of minnows in the boat.  The motor on the boat was revved up and they were out on the water with hardly a wave. The last words I heard either of them say was Wayne’s “Wait to cook.  We’ll bring in some fresh fish.”

Pat looked over at me after they left. “Come on Honey,” she said. “I’ll show you how to catch the real fish.” We walked down to her boat and hopped in. I looked around. I saw 1 cane pole. No rods, reels, or other tackle was in sight. Having never learned how to swim, I looked at the old ragged life preserver seat cushions with fantastic concern. “Don’t you worry,” she laughed. “I’ll save you if I have to. I guarantee we will have fish for dinner and it will be fish we brought to the table.” Being a fishing newbie, I had no notion how that was going to take place with out bait or tackle, but she had been fishing a lot more years than me. Pat cranked up the boat and off we went the opposite direction from Jerry and Wayne.

“Do you have a secret fishing hole,” I asked. Jerry had told me most fishermen, who knew the river, had favorite places they fished and rarely shared these secret locations. Pat just laughed. The twilight was ending and darkness coming on. 

In Alabama in the spring, days are warm, but the nights cool off rapidly. On this late spring day, darkness was quick approaching. Crickets had been chirping. Bats had been flying around looking for food. The moon was coming up. I was just wondering how far we intended to go when the motor began puttering and the boat begin to slow down. I looked around to see where we had been. Pat was pulling up to an old broken down dock.

“Grab that rope and toss it around the piling, she said. As soon as I got it tossed around, she took out the oar and began to paddle us to the edge of the dock. “We will get out here. The boat will be effortless to see when we get back.” She said.

“Get Back,” I thought. Where in the world are we going? The dock gave me the willies. I was fairly positive Pat was going to have to make good on her word to save me, when I fell via the rotten boards. The home I could see in the distance did not look significantly much better. Dogs begin to bark. I know a lot of you love dogs, but  the truth of the matter is not only can I not swim, and am afraid of the dark, but dogs, specially big dogs, make me want to climb the nearest tree and wait for  rescue. I admit it. I am a wimp! These had been extremely huge dogs racing toward us with their jaws open and teeth showing. I prayed.

Pat took all this in stride. She known as them by name and they calmed down somewhat. My Dad, who tried his very best to aid me for year to get over my fear of dogs, drilled 1 property truth in to me. “If you show fear, the dogs will know it, and then grow to be a lot more nervous themselves. You want to put a brave front on and ignore them. Never run. Stand still until they get employed to you” he used to say.   I remembered his words. I looked at the dogs. Baloney, I thought I am running like the hounds of Satan are after me, and climbing the 1st tall tree I find. I was so preoccupied with the dogs I had failed to notice the man walking toward us. His shout at the dogs sent them all running back to the house.

In the failing light he looked like 1 of the moon shiners my Mother utilized to describe to me, when she was cautioning me who to stay away from as I entered my teen years. Being from the hills of Northern Alabama, where the counties are “dry” meaning they do not enable alcohol sales, moon shining was a way of life we all heard about. It flourished. The man coming toward me was dressed in a pair bib overalls.  He had an old hat pulled down low on his face. He had a shot gun in his hand. As he got closer, I could see his overalls had been torn, ragged and covered in what looked like dried blood and dirt. Murder immediately came to mind. Who I wondered had he killed, and are we to be next?  I pulled on Pat’s shirt, which I hadn’t even realized I was holding on it. She kept walking to meet him. He opened his mouth and in the flashlight Pat shined on his face, I saw a best set of white teeth. Now surely, a man can’t be all bad if he cares sufficient to maintain his teeth searching excellent.

“Hello Pat, what can I do for you two nice searching ladies,” he asked.

“John, I’m training Judy on how to put fish on the table after every fishing trip. We will need a stringer of nice crappies if you have them, and I feel a big catfish or bass would round us out,” Pat said.  John began grinning and walking. We followed along behind. The path was strewed with buckets and old foam ice boxes.  There were several boats sitting around in different conditions, none of which was great. The light from the house lit our way as we picked by way of the litter to walk.  We finally reached a boat house. Outside the boat home were a number of tubs filled with fish. Water was circulating around in the tubs keeping them alive. John started reaching in the tubs and putting this fish and that fish on a stringer. In the last tub, he pulled out a cat fish I could hardly hold it was so large. “That ought to do it John.  Just put it on my bill and I’ll catch up next time.” said Pat. John just smiled and walked us back to the boat.

I could hear him laughing and talking with Pat about retirement. Said he was never going to retire, not as lengthy as there had been fish in the river. Back in the boat, Pat stored the fish in the fish well. “Who is that man,” I asked.

“He’s a trot man. Each day he baits his trot lines and goes back later to check them. He’s got hundreds of lines running on the river. He ties a trot line from bank to bank or floats a line across creeks that feed into the river. He spaces hooks on the line and baits them. Then later, maybe even the next day he goes back and checks for his catch.  Most of the time he sells his catch to the local restaurant, but he usually keeps back a few to sell to folks like me, who like to count on real fish for dinner,” Pat explained. “Trot fishing is his hobby and he also makes a little pocket change.” This hobby sounded like a lot of work to me.

To be honest, I never used Pat’s approach to putting fish on the table. I had confidence in Jerry’s skill to catch them. Fishing was his hobby for years, and he worked tough at it. Like he employed to say, sometimes he got the fish and occasionally the fish got him.

A hobby is just work you get pleasure from.  If motorcycling is your hobby, you already know it takes work. First you have the expense of the bike, insurance and license. Then you have the expense of equipment, Saddle bags, sissy bar bags, tools, clothing, and helmets. We can aid you with your search for Motorcycle Helmets and clothing at our web store  In the store we carry top high quality leather jackets, vests and chaps for men women and children. Also you will discover Dot Certified Helmets and novelty helmets. Our new DOT M&M Licensed Full Face or Motocross MX Helmet is a jewel to own.  These helmets are limited editions and all are numbered.

If your motorcycling is just a hobby, get the maximum fun out of it. If your bike is sitting in the garage, basement, or driveway, much more than it is being ridden due to the fact you do not have the time to ride, the bike is broke down and you do not have the money to get it fixed, the weather is bad each and every off day, you have other obligations that ought to come very first, you do not have the equipment you want to ride, or etc. prepare ahead.

Living across the street from us is a couple who have been riding for years and years. In the summer we see the husband cutting the grass as soon as he gets home on Friday. His wife goes by the grocery on the way residence and stocks up the kitchen for the next week. They do laundry on week nights when they get in from work. Saturday mornings they are out of there on the bikes. Most of the time, we do not see them once more until Sunday afternoon. If you want free time to ride, you need to make it obtainable by getting organized with your other obligations.

Decide where your priorities lie. Getting your bike up and running correctly has to be the top priority of your biking hobby. Obtaining this priority in line with all the other projects you have that want and need funds is a key joy to enjoying your hobby. Jerry and I save our coin change. We roll the change and deposit in our hobby savings account about every single two weeks. Little amounts deposited frequently add up.  Every day we empty our pockets in our change jar.  We do not dig for change at checkouts. We fish out the next dollar. We keep the change and put it in the jar.  We put left over allowance money in the jar.  If I cut coupons and save funds at the grocery store, I pay myself the savings in my change jar the quantity I saved. If Jerry gets an invite out to lunch and doesn’t have to pay, he puts his usual lunch cash in the jar. Occasionally we give up eating out all together and save the funds we would have usually spent in our jar. Specially, if some thing unique is coming up we know we will will need funds for. Do we have far more cash than you? No.  We live and breathe on a spending budget. We get by on much less so we can use this money for our hobby, whether or not it is for gas, repair or new equipment. We plan ahead for emergencies by having a savings going for them with our change. There are areas you spend money on where you too can save a little here and there. By the time warm weather arrives you bike will be fixed and on the road with the dollars you have stashed away.

Acquiring the equipment you need to ride is another priority. Saddlebags, Tool bags can wait. A helmet cannot. Acquire it very first. Your head’s protection is the most crucial part of your ride. Live to ride yet another day when you have a spill, wear a very good top quality Dot or Snell Helmet. Our Bell Sprint Helmets are Dot and Snell Approved. They are terrific!  for more of these wonderful helmets at wonderful costs and free shipping.

Controlling the weather is out of my realm of ability. What I can do is when the weather is too poor to get out of the house is use the time to catch up on jobs that will need performing, spend time on the phone with relatives who haven’t heard from me in a even though, cook a couple of meals ahead and freeze them, call up the kids and invite them to dinner, spend some high quality time with Jerry. I like to spend time scrolling on the net, talking to other bikers, seeing what is out there to buy or trade. Rainey days and short winter nights are great times for these activities.  One thing I’m not going to do is bemoan the fact I am stuck in the home. Jerry’s boss use to say “fight the battles you can win and let the rest go”. I can not win any battle and win with the weather. I can just get ready for yet another achievable riding day. When it comes, I am the initial one out of the door. 

Take charge of your hobby. Make it fun. All hobbies are work, but it is work you enjoy…… Come go to us with your motorcycling requirements. We want to do enterprise with you.


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