Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle This Winter

Motorbike riding can be hazardous even for the most levelheaded and conservative of riders, as demonstrated by Department for Transportation statistics showing that there had been 21,550 reported motorbike casualties in 2008, of which 6,049 resulted in death or serious injury, and the risk noticeably increases as weather and road conditions get worse. Some motorcycle riders will retire their motorcycles during the winter season but for several folks, in particular those who commute on their bikes, that isn’t an alternative. Nevertheless, by exercising added care and making use of very good sense, it is possible to minimise the risk.

Accomplished riders are familiar sufficient with their motorcycle to know how it handles, and how to ride safely. But as riding in winter time is totally unlike from riding in summer time, and for less experienced motorcyclists who haven’t yet ridden throughout the winter months, it is worth reminding yourself of the safety precautions that should be taken. Bear in mind though safety is never a guarantee, irrespective how much care is taken, so make certain that you are covered by suitable bike insurance just in case.

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Credit crunch help – get cheaper motorcycle insurance

In today’s economic climate, cutting back on outgoings has turn into much more critical for financial survival, finding low cost motorcycle insurance is one of those outgoings that can be significantly reduced. No one likes paying far more than they have to for that reason Motorcycle insurance reductions are far more of a priority than ever before.

Luckily, finding low cost motorcycle insurance quotes has never been easier. Whether you’ve been riding for years or loooking at a motorcycle, scooter or moped for the first time as a inexpensive form of transport, simple savings of £100′s are there for the picking. Here’s some basic advice on how to get a low cost motorcycle insurance quote when you want to renew your policy or get a new one.

Low cost motorcycle insurance tip 1: Shop around
Get as numerous quotes as you possibly can. An efficient way of obtaining cheasper motorcycle insurance is to contact as several insurance organizations as achievable. Variation in quotes you can get from various firms – usually hundreds of pounds can be remarkable.

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Want A Chopper And Motorcycle Windscreen? Build Your Own!

Motorcycle chopper kits are a growth industry. But what does that mean to you and me? Well one thing that we know is that we will have more choppers to ogle at. There is not a single day that goes by without more and more pictures of chopper bikes that have just been finished showing up in all the motorcycle magazines. Then at the weekends, when we are on our “hot” rides, we will see four or five show finish level bikes. There are more choppers around now than there have been in the last twenty five years.

Most of these choppers have been built from motorcycle chopper kits, the “bike in a box” approach. But hey, don’t knock it! Building your own chopper has never been easier. There are rolling chassis kits, complete bike kits, and frame manufacturers give you a multitude of choice when it comes to take the plunge and buy a motorcycle chopper kit.

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