Motorcycle Sunglasses for a More Enjoyable and Safe Ride

Motorcycle sunglasses or goggles ought to be a part of any serious bike rider’s standard equipment.  Not only do they  keep you looking   totally  cool while you’re tearing  down the  road  on your  hog , they serve as protective  wear to guarantee that  you’ll be riding your  bike for years  to come.  By protecting your eyes from UV radiation from the sun, bugs and other debris, motorcycle sun glasses maintain your eyes safe.   You can’t – and shouldn’t – drive a motorcycle with much less than superb eyesight, so keeping your eyes in the greatest shape possible need to be a top priority for any motorcycle enthusiast.

It’s widely agreed upon and accepted that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is an absolute necessity.    But if your helmet doesn’t offer  any face protection then you  definitely require to shield  your eyes  against the elements with  professional grade  sun glasses  or goggles.  A helmet will protect your skull during a fall, but if you’ve been protecting your eyes you could possibly prevent the tumble from the begin.
There are numerous things to look for when shopping for a high quality pair of motorcycle sunglasses.   These are features common to virtually all sunglasses made for outdoor activities whether or not it’s motorcycle riding, hang gliding, cycling or skiing.

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The Often Overlooked Important Leather Motorcycle Gear

When riding a motorcycle, it’s crucial that you have all of the crucial safety gear like motorcycle jackets and motorcycle helmets.  This gear is required in order to be able to protect your self fully in the event of a crash.  This must be your 1st priority when acquiring ready for any motorcycle ride, but often times some of the far more critical pieces of leather gear are overlooked and disregarded.  Some of those crucial leather gear items consist of leather chaps, and leather motorcycle boots, and gloves.

1 of the far more essential pieces of gear that any motorcycle rider could have are leather boots, and frequently times several riders fail to take advantage of this wonderful piece of equipment and settle for much less protective footwear like tennis shoes or even sandals.  It’s amazing that anyone would even consider wearing sandals on a motorcycle given the reality that there are so quite a few parts on the motorcycle that become extremely hot when in operation.  The risk for obtaining burned is really high.  Not only that, but sandals leave you exposed to any flying dirt or debris that could strike you although riding.  The very best way to protect your feet is with a very good pair of motorcycle boots.  You’ll want to wear boots that will entirely cover your ankle, which will offer you with the most protection achievable.

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Driving Motorcycles to Save Gas ? Not Your Hospital Bill

Want to save some dollars? Thinking about purchasing a motorcycle to save dollars and gas?

According to my research, buying a motorcycle could be great for your weekly gas bill, but it could also sets you up for an extended trip to the hospital – or worse. There are some enticing factors to buy a motorcycle. Contemplate this: Mid-size motorcycles get 40-50 mpg Employed mid-size bike costs ,000-,000 What’s not in this short list are the safety concerns associated with driving a motorcycles. The National Highway Visitors Safety Commission did a study and put together a laundry list of conclusions.

If I assume all the conclusions are causal, then it translates into this list of “lessons learned”:

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