Traffic School Teacher Answers Question on Motorcycle Driving and Lane Splitting in California

Q: I always see motorcycles weaving in and out of lanes in-between cars on the freeway. It seems to me that I’ve never seen anyone getting a citation for this, nor have I heard that they were sent to traffic school for this offense. Is this really legal?

A: This is called ‘splitting the lanes’ and it is legal for motorcyclists in the state of California.

The sole comprehensive study completed to date on motorcycle safety, interestingly enough named the “Hurt Report”, indicates that motorcycle riding between lanes tends to be slightly safer for a rider than if they were subjected to frequent stops along with the rest of the driving population.

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Choosing Right Motorcycle Training School

Around the country there are lots of different motorcycle schools available to choose from. Some are better known than others, but they all share the same common goal – to help you to pass your theory and practical tests and get out on the road to freedom. Not every school will be suited to you. You may not get along with the trainers for example. Or you may not agree with the prices at some of the schools. Before you choose a school to suit you, there are several things that you need to look at.

What to Look For in a Training School

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Motorcycle Ride On Toys?Perfect For Older Kids

Wanna give your kid something unique this birthday? If yes, then go for a toddler ride on toys to show your little tot how special he/she is to you. Kids love pretending like grownups and most often they imitate their dads and moms during play times. Toddler riding toys are a perfect addition to your kid’s toys collection and they can frisk around your neighborhood in style.

Wondering where to look for ride on toys for toddlers for your energetic boys? has a wonderful collection of toddler riding toys at unbelievable prices. When you pick a toddler riding toy, do not go for the one, which is just an ordinary ride on toy like a tricycle. Make your little one look different from the other kids with motorcycle ride on toys.

Motorcycle ride on toys like the Ride On Toy Motorcycle and the Crotch Rocket For Kids with great racer bike looks and funky colors are sure to become any kid’s favorite. Modified bikes are no less; they are quick to steal the attention of everybody. Give your kid motorcycle ride on toys like the Red Toy Motorcycle Ride On and the Motorcycle Chopper White with Flames and let him to feel like an adult.

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