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From the day that Ryan Scott established Pure Riderz in 2008, the group has experienced a steady and rapid growth. Ryan understood from the begin that, though many motorcycle clubs exist, couple of if any focused on both creating a family environment, emphasizing safety and understanding, and the pure joy that comes from sports bikes. Pure Riderz is commitment to its family values, and has developed a breed of new riders who work cooperatively to promote their club. This approach has made Pure Riderz an innovator in the growing trend of motorcycle clubs and sport bike clubs. The club’s philosophy is centered on making a healthy, open and lifestyle-oriented approach accessible to businesses for cross-marketing. Pure Riderz is the now the fastest growing club in Oregon, with several branches.

The notion for Pure Riderz stems from founder Ryan Scott’s desire to have a club of like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts committed to making a positive impact on the Portland, Oregon area. After somet initial person-to-person network building and the construction of a web site created to create an online community of riders, the club began to grow. The page has many capabilities to help with the growth of the club. A host of well-respected region presidents have provided vital leadership, and ushered in an era of growth and expansion. Pure Riderz has asserted itself in the community by participating in a host of charitable events, which includes the Autism Walk and Ride, feeding the homeless, raising cash for schools, helping men and women discover jobs, and hosting various annual toy drives. Steadily, this core group has selectively added members whose positive and philanthropic commitment to community involvement embodies the Pure Riderz lifestyle.

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Importance of Motorcycle Tires in Safe Driving

If you love speed then you need to love to ride motorcycles. Riding a motorcycle could be enjoyable and adventure if you have the suitable motorcycle gear and motorcycle equipments. When it comes to the speed and performance of a motorcycle, apart from its engine, motorcycle tires are the most essential piece of equipment.  Just before you begin riding and get pleasure from the ride, it is essential that you adopt all the safety measures that are required to make your motorcycle safe to experiment with. Among the other safety gears, helmets are the most essential item. Shoei helmets are one of the most well-liked brands in the market for their sturdy and reliable items.

Motorcycle tires assist the motorcycle move on the roads and thus, they should be durable, safe, and smooth enough to maintain the pace of the movement according to the road conditions. Just before every ride, it is advisable to check the tires thoroughly for any punctures. Although checking, carefully examine whether or not there is any nail, glass piece, screw, or any other sharp object stuck to the outer surface of the tires. Any bulges in the sidewall could also be harmful whilst riding. Once your tires are checked and ready for the travel, arrange for the appropriate motorcycle gear to have maximum fun while riding your motorcycle at a high speed.

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Motorcycle Buying Guide – Different Motorcycle Styles

Buying a new motorcycle isn’t constantly easy. There’s a lot of information out there to steer car buyers in the correct direction, but really little for the average motorcycle buyer.

The first step to purchasing your new motorcycle is deciding which kind or model style is correct for you. Most people group bikes into three distinct categories: Street, Dual-Purpose, and Off-Road. But, those who know bikes well understand that there are many much more subcategories of motorcycles to contend with on the sales block.

The biggest mistake beginning riders usually make when purchasing their initial motorcycle is settling for a low-budget street model (generally costing around ,000 new). The difficulty is, these bikes have little power and can frequently sport an uncomfortable ride.

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