Motorcycle Accessories And Honda Fairings – Gear To Help Protect You

Owning and riding a motorcycle is one of the most thrilling things in life. You are out and open to the feel of the wind rushing at you. But unlike a driving a car and acquiring in an accident and your auto could get a little banged up, a motorcycle is way different. Once you go down on a motorcycle, even at a slow speed, you far better have some protective gear on. The needed piece of safety gear by law is of course a motorcycle helmet but the are quite a few other ways you can be injured in the event of an accident. Road rash is the most widespread and can cause severe injury and pain. This can be decreased or avoided by simple wearing protective gear. Some of the gear that will assist you are gloves, jacket, chaps or other protective pants, and even gear you wear over your back to assist protect your spine.

The initial piece of gear you already have if you ride a motorcycle but may want to reconsider is your helmet. Several people get to concerned with looks and choose the wrong type of helmet. It is always enjoyable to have your own distinctive style but not at the cost of your safety. It does nonetheless depend on the style of riding you do. If you do a lot of aggressive sport riding then it is most likely not the very best to have a half face or German helmet, due to the fact there is far more likelihood you will go down and they won’t supply they kind of protection you will need.

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Safety Tips for Motorcyclists from an Accident Lawyer in Tampa

Its wide flat roadways and warm weather make Florida a popular motorcycle hot spot.  As Florida’s motorcyclist population grows, motorcycle safety becomes an critical issue. Like the rest of the United States, Florida’s motorcycle crashes have increased over the last decade, more than doubling between 1990 and 2008, according to the Ride Smart Florida site.  The website also says that while licensed motorcycles accounted for only 6% of Florida’s drivers in 2009, they represented 15.7% of all fatalities on Florida’s roadways.

Some of this is due to the repeal of the helmet law in 2000, and even far more is due to drinking and driving.  According to the National Highway Visitors Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) National Center for Statistics and Analysis:

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Trust Arai For Your Motorcycle Safety

Helmets are the most critical safety item when riding a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is risky enterprise simply because it has a high skidding tendency because of its two wheel alignment. Most states have laws concerning helmet use although riding a motorcycle. Recent studies have shown that over sixty per cent of motorcycle deaths have happened since of flouting helmet norms. So when buying a helmet, you must go for a helmet which meets all safety standards and requirements. There are numerous great ones in the market. They must meet at least DOT specifications and it is even better if they are Snell certified. You want to select a helmet which is safe, comfortable and fits correctly. If helmets fit loosely they are likely to come off during a crash whereas tight helmets take away the concentration of the driver from the road. Maintain these things in mind when buying a helmet.

Arai was founded in 1937 by Hirotake Arai who was a professional motorcyclist. They began operating in the European marketplace from 1981. Now they are exporting to about 40 countries with a staff strebgth of 25. Some of the finest helmets are made by Arai. They are truly safe and comfy. It has won the initial place in J. D. Power rankings for 11 consecutive years. Aria has given the top helmets around like the Shark RSR and Shoei RF-1000 a strong competition.

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