Keep your bike healthy

Purchasing a great bike is essential, but keeping it in excellent condition is even a lot more crucial. Maintenance is as critical as performance. Whilst buying a new bike 1 tends to focus on knowing the features of the bike, but it is equally essential to be informed about the methods of maintaining a great condition of the bike. Below given are some tips for the same.
Keep your bike’s carburetor clean. Your motorcycle carburetor could look complex to you but, with little practice you will be able to tune your bike to maximum performance. Keep in mind to remove fuel from carburetor and do take care of small parts while disassembling carburetor. Use a great cleaner to clean carburetor. There is 1 golden rule in this practice “Do not open the things that you can’t close.” Exact same is applicable for the motorcycle helmets.
Use great top quality mobile oil for bike. 1 ought to also use good top quality fuel for motorbike. Low top quality fuel can harm the engine as well as decrease the performance and mileage. A very good top quality joe rocket jacket also gives good experience.
Clean the spark plug regularly. It helps in saving fuel and supplies a fast and great begin
Keep your bike chains well greased. The chains should not be loose as this degrades performance and produces noise. The chains should also not be really tight. Greater tension in chains than optimum may lead to its break-down. Moreover, it is important to keep your bell helmets clean.
Get your motorcycle serviced after completing 3000 miles and cleanse the air filters as well. 
Performance also rolls in the tiers. They are one of the major key-point in overall performance and riding experience. One must use only very good tiers for performance and safety point of view. Old tiers should be replaced with new ones. It also improves bike economy.

Stay Safe With a Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Are you a rider who loves a good cold weather trip? If you are, then you know that staying warm can be one of the hardest parts of a winter motorcycle ride, and that a freezing cold ride is no enjoyable at all. Are you also somebody who has safety on the mind with every single trip? Then you know that you want gear that’s going to maintain you as safe as it is keeping you warm and comfy. What could possibly give you both of these things, and leave you searching cool? Well, a leather motorcycle jacket from Splat Hat is positive to do the trick!


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Affluent Page Magazine Presents THE RIDE

Nothing screams exotic like carbon fiber, and a boutique motorcycle manufacturer in a tiny corner of northern Europe is bringing a sleek bike to marketplace next year made primarily from the space-age material. Trimmed in all black with a splash of gold, the sleek Renard Grand Tourer incorporates a retro feel into a motorcycle that features distinctive styling and cutting-edge technology.

If the Renard brand is unfamiliar to you, the name, which is French for “fox,” was resurrected from a pre–World War II motorized bicycle manufacturer in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, a tiny nation tucked between Russia and Latvia on the Baltic Sea. Its factory was destroyed throughout the war, but a group of enterprising Estonians who love racing revived the brand in 2008. The GT made its debut earlier this year.

Originally, Renard bikes supplied a utilitarian indicates of transport, made from pipe frames and propelled by meager engines that displaced less than 100 cc. The new GT boasts an Italian-bred V2 Moto Guzzi engine that cranks out 125 horsepower from a 1,151-ccdisplacement. The company’s goal was to build a sporty power cruiser that benefits from reduced rotational mass and a low center of gravity for extremely precise handling.

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