Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire – red diode laser module 690nm – 1064nm Laser Module K10D06M-10.0W


The United Fire-Defense Agency/Rescue Fire

The Rescue Fire (, Resuky Fai?) team is a newly-formed special team called the Super-Fire Specialist Team (, Chkasai Tokka Butai?) in the United Fire-Defense Agency (, Sekai Shb Ch?) or “UFDA”, the organization behind the Rescue Force team. The Rescue Force team was sent overseas and is currently based in the Europe branch. The artificial satellite Rescue Eye (, Resuky Ai?) detects a Super-Fire. The Rescue Fire team is normally stationed at the Fire Phoenix (, Fai Fenikkusu?) in Tateishi City (, Tateishi Shiti?). The Fire Phoenix can switch from Fortress Mode (, Ftoresu Mdo?) to flying Space Mode (, Supsu Mdo?) and assumes Spiral Highway (, Supairaru Haiwei?) when launching the Rescue Dashes. The Fire Phoenix Space Mode’s Final Rescue is Freezing Cannon (, Furjingu Kyanon?) which fires twin icy balls at the enemy to freeze them before a Phoenix Crash (, Fenikkusu Kurasshu?).

Tatsuya Homura/Fire-1 ( , Homura Tatsuya/Fai Wan?): The rookie member of Rescue Fire, donning an orange suit. His parents were fire fighters who died when he was age 6 around Christmas time, placed in the custody of relatives for two difficult years before enrolling in Himawari School, where he learned to smile from Mie. After graduation, Tatsuya became a fire fighter prior to joining the Rescue Fire team. Though a skilled member and has a burning “Rescue Soul”, he isn’t nearly as professional as his teammates, and tends to get in trouble for his hijinks. He loves eating anything with ketchup on it and is a recycler by nature. He can utilize kung-fu in his attacks Whirlwind Kick (, Senp Kikku?) and Dragon Kick (, Doragon Kikku?). With the X-Basher, Fire-1 powers up into Fire-1 X (, Fai Wan Ekusu?).

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Working as a Motorcycle Courier

A majority of motorcycle couriers collect and deliver parcels which can consist of urgent letters, confidential documents and letters that needs to be delivered in person.

The motorcycle courier can make several trips per day and are working mostly within city visitors as well as riding via wind, rain and snow.

The hours worked can be between 40 to 50 hours however, these vary depending on the firm; there are also part time work or shift work available. The pay generally depends on the miles travelled, time taken and the number of trips done, consequently the far more trips made, the much more pay there is accessible. A lot of motor cycle couriers work on a self employed basis whereby the rate of pay is negotiated between the courier and despatch business.

Some firms will provide the motorcycle courier with fluorescent jackets, a motorcycle-top box unit and a bag. It is also achievable that the firm themselves lease a motorbike or offer a motorcycle for totally free to the rider.

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Honda Isn’t Just A Popular Car Company They Are Also One Of The Biggest Motorcycle Makers

Recognized for their fairly inexpensive, fuel efficient cars and trucks, Honda has far more to supply. You may possibly not know that Honda is also one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers. Far better yet, their motorcycles are some of the finest made.

As early as 1949, Honda began turning out high quality bikes. By the year 2005, there were manufacturing plants in much more than twenty countries and a lot more than 150 million bikes were sold to eager riders. As years passed, their bikes became greater and better. Many of the greatest motorcycle models had been developed at the hands of Honda.

Perhaps the greatest of all Honda models, the Valkyrie offered a six cylinder, inline engine. Liquid cooled with a 1520cc boxer, the bike soon became a top selling model. There was no V Twin design here. Instead, Honda went for power by utilizing six various carburetors and lining the cylinders up in opposite directions instead of at angles.

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