Motorcycle Noise

Motorcycles are growing in popularity, specifically as the cost of gas increases. But with the growing use of motorcycles comes the growing concern of their noise.

Not all motorcycles are noisy and most new motorcycles are built with federally mandated noise control standards. When a motorcycle is noisy it is due to the rider’s modification to the muffler tailpipe or an aftermarket exhaust system that is not street legal. Such modified exhaust systems can be heard and felt over a wide distance, rattling windows and traveling by means of walls. In the end, millions of individuals are adversely affected by this noise.

So if the motorcycles are so noisy, why do riders modify them? Mostly it is due to the fact that riders feel their sound will make them more heard by other motorists, which in turn will maintain them safer. But this may possibly be much more a myth than truth. The American Motorcycle Association discourages cyclists in modifying their exhaust systems and have gone so far to create a creed that reads:

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Rush… Still Going Strong After Nearly 40 Years

Okay… So I just watched 3 guys in their mid-to-late 50′s pull off Rush’s whole “Moving Pictures” album, along with a whole lot of other wonderful songs, completely flawless. I’m not sure it was in fact Rush…. If it was, they’re not human.

It’s never a happy thing to see your heroes decline. It’s most frequent with athletes, naturally, when they play for a while after their abilities start to deteriorate with age. Nobody likes to feel about Michael Jordan’s couple of years with the Washington Wizards, because he wasn’t the Michael Jordan that won six championships with the Bulls. Musicians go by means of it too. It’s a lot of pressure to put on 3 past-middle-aged guys to pull off something they did in their 20′s and 30′s… aside from the reality that it’s stuff that most musicians at any age would have a tough time performing.

Apparently, we do not have to worry about that happening to Rush anytime soon…. and to make this clear, I don’t want to make this about age. There’s no reason why, at nearly 60 years old, they shouldn’t be able to play that way. They all look really healthy, and by the looks of it, they may well be able to pull this off into their 70′s if they wanted to. They appear to be having far more enjoyable as they go on as well… beginning “Working Man” with a reggae intro, and even a polka intro for the classic “La Villa Strangiato.”

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11 Essential Tips Regarding Motor Cycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance protects you from several risks. Leading insurance organizations offer a great several choices for motorcycle insurance and owners can decide whether or not they want minimum coverage or comprehensive coverage. Insuring a motorcycle protects the owners from theft, vandalism, accidents, and more. Motorcycle insurance can be bought on the web or offline from leading Insurance firms.

1.Prior to setting out to purchase motorcycle insurance it is important to know what insurance companies base their premiums on. Surf the world wide web and read up on motorcycle insurance essentials.

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