The Next BIG Thing In Outdoor Toys-Strider Balance Bikes For Kids

As a Kindermusik educator, Moms have entrusted me with the musical education of their families. Our relationships go far beyond just the classes, and I am constantly on the lookout for new techniques to nurture and develop their youngsters. As a Mom, I know what it indicates to be quality conscious and penny thrifty, so when I came upon this unique “toy”, which has fairly literally changed our lives, I was thrilled to share with anyone and everybody.

I am a cautious shopper and yet when I saw the possible that this bike offered, not to mention the beatific grin on my son’s face, not only did I buy the bike on the spot but convinced the owner/inventor to let me grow to be one of his distributors. I knew that this would be the end of a dinosaur. The tricycle as we know it – unwieldy, cumbersome, dangerous, frustrating and heavy could be put to rest. Usher in a new era, a bicycle ergonomically designed to accommodate the natural movement of a developing toddler. This is the bike for the next generation of riders.

Ryan Mcfarland, the inventor of this priceless item, is a family man who recognized the need to improve the safety and design of bikes for children who were learning to ride. He and I shared the frequent desire to provide suitable outlets for our active youngsters. How ingenious, to produce a vehicle that could accommodate even the littlest one just learning to walk. The beauty is in the design. The child merely sits on the bicycle and begins to “stride”. Who knew exercise could be so much fun!

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Ventura Motorcycle Accident Attorney?s Top Ten Secrets of Police Determinations of Responsibility for Motorcycle Accidents

1. A hot chick on a motorcycle in a bikini is never at fault and an all points bulletin for an ambulance is issued.


2. Joe the plumber is possibly going to be at fault.


3. Sarah Palin in costly clothes would be a quandary.


4. A pig with lipstick in the vehicle is almost certainly a sign of some drinking going on.


5. Rudeness is minus six points.


6. Arrogance is minus four points.


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Motorcycle Sales Scoot Along Thanks to New Waves of Riders

In Virginia the weather has taken a gorgeous, sudden turn from a lot of rain to a lot of heat and sunshine as April comes to a close and we welcome in Might.  Already seeing a couple of days reach higher than 90 degrees on the thermometer, it has warmed up swiftly — perhaps some indication that a very hot summer lies ahead.  And other than plummeting into a nearby pool, lake or ocean, what far better way to beat the heat than to hit the open road with nothing between you and the pavement except the metal steed of your choice?  Or, if you can’t have your option, how about a steed that is safe, affordable, greater for the environment, and efficient in these tough economic times?  Since it appears the only things rising quicker than the temperature these days are motorcycle sales and enrollment in motorcycle safety classes, the latter of which I would highly suggest prior to enjoying life on two wheels — or 3, not to exclude the trike riders!

Whilst some statistics might show that overall motorcycles sales took a hit last year –down 7.2% from 2007 according to The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC)) — compare that drop to the drop in the automobile business, where the top Japanese automakers averaged a 12.three% drop and the top U.S. automakers averaged an alarming and job-cutting 24.7% drop in sales.  But without delving any further into statistics than required — since it’s not really component of the point I am attempting to make – my point is that a lot a lot more individuals are parking, if not selling, their gas-guzzling [and for that reason funds-guzzling] SUVs, and once once more purchasing and mounting the original “green” machines.

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