Yamaha Motor brings “Yamaha Safe Riding Science” in New Delhi

Riding on the success of the Yamaha Safe Riding Science (YSRS) training events in Chennai, Pune and Bangalore this year, India Yamaha Motor conducted YSRS event in New Delhi to impart safety riding methods among youth and assist contribute to an accident-free of charge visitors environment.Yamaha motors Attended by 100 students of Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), Dwarka, New Delhi, the day long program was divided into 2 sessions, 1st was a classroom session or theoretical session and 2nd was practical session wherein three practical abilities were taught which are slow balancing, slalom and breaking.

The initiative is focused especially on inculcating safe riding habits and aims to contribute to raising traffic safety awareness among local communities and not only among Yamaha consumers. The initiative has been developed by the business in accordance with its fundamental philosophy of “Safety riding being achieved by intelligent activity, not by the operation or movement”. Intelligent activity, in turn, is achieved by imbibing and following traffic safety awareness and values into riding.Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Yutaka Terada, Director – Sales and Marketing said, “YSRS initiative was began by Yamaha in order to educate youth about dangers of riding in the growing traffic condition and promote safe riding in the country. By becoming familiar with the safe and correct riding methods, riders not only prevent accidents and injuries, but also get pleasure from a lot more when riding their motorcycles. We have received overwhelming response for YSRS program and youth in different cities have learnt the strategies of safe riding whilst undergoing a positive attitudinal change towards safer riding practices.”

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Motorcycle Safety – Ensuring Maximum Rider Safety

Motorcycle safety must be maintained by all riders if they want to ensure that every ride goes smoothly and without harm. Many motorcyclists don’t realize it, but they are at a big disadvantage because they are much smaller on the road. In order to stay safe while riding, motorcyclists should consider the following advice.

Checking over the major components of the motorcycle is a critical task that has to take place before every ride begins. When this is completed, then the rider knows that the bike is safe to ride and chances of having issues are decreased drastically.

Many different components, parts, accessories, safety items should be checked before every ride. These items include tires, brakes, lights, fluids, gauges, and a number of other items. Anything that is considered to be an important part used for safe operation should be checked.

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What Every Motorcycle Owner Needs To Know About Motorcycle Tires

Tires are a very essential part of a motorcycle. With out them the motorcycle would not be able to move in the initial location. This is why it is extremely critical that every single motorcycle owner possesses general understanding about what they can expect from the tires they plan on utilizing from their vehicle. Picking the wrong sort of tire could adversely affect how the motorcycle drives. It may possibly even cost a motorcycle owner more dollars, attempting to repair flats or replace the tire all together. That’s where this article comes in. From this article motorcycle owners can get a basic overview of what they require to look for when they start investigating which tires are right for their vehicle. All of these guidelines are explained in greater detail below.


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