Preventing Injuries While Racing and Riding Motorcycles and Atvs

Preventing Injuries while Racing and Riding Motorcycle and ATVs

By Marc A. Spataro

The other day I was asked by 1 of my racers if there was anything he could do in order to prevent injuries from occurring during racing.  After some thought and a little study into some of my strength and conditioning journals I came up with the following details that I feel is important to anybody who participates in atv racing or riding.

While it is not feasible to prevent all injuries that occur during exercise and racing/riding, research has shown that injury can be decreased as significantly as 25% if precautions are taken.  Correct conditioning for your sport is vital for injury prevention.  Sport specific conditioning programs focus on strengthening the muscles and joints that perform complex and repetitive movements during that particular activity.  As stated in my previous article it is critical that the program be particular to the individual performing it.  I recommend a personal physical assessment be performed by a fitness professional to reassure that the appropriate exercises chosen are strengthening the weakness discovered during the assessment.  Once you know your current level of fitness, as well as your weaknesses, you can develop a a lot more functional training routine.

Warm ups play a extremely crucial component of injury prevention.  Warm muscles and joints are much less susceptible to injuries.  Warm ups must consist of movements that compliment the athletic activity to be performed.  Active stretches as well as static stretches ought to also be included in the warm up.  Incorporate light cardiovascular exercises to elevate body temperature and prepare the heart and lungs for the activities to be performed. 

The athlete ought to stay away from engaging in the sport when experiencing fatigue or pain.  Performing under these conditions is a set up for a careless injury.  Pain is an indicator that there is a problem.  There are times when you have to recognize the signs that the body is sending and determine not to engage in the activity, which may enforce the injury further.  Joint pain, tenderness at a particular point, reduced range of motion, swelling, comparative weakness, and numbness and tingling are all signs that ought to make the athlete aware that there is a dilemma.  If experiencing any of these symptoms I suggest seeing a medical professional for further evaluation. 

Fatigue can reduce reaction time, which could possibly produce an error in performance resulting in a serious injury.  Rest is 1 of the most important parts to any athletes program.  Studies have shown that athletes with high consecutive days of training, experience more injuries.  While quite a few athletes believe the a lot more they train, the better they will perform, this is a misconception.  Rest can make you stronger, prevent injuries, reduce fatigue, and decrease poor judgment.  Once more listen to your body, if you feel tired or weak take a day or two off and decrease activity and get some sleep. 

Nutrition has a dramatic effect on the body and how it recovers from sports, training, and injuries.  Supplying the body with nutrients and hydration helps the recovery rate from training and injury by assuring that the proper building blocks are there to help.  A well-hydrated body also performs far better reducing the chances of injury.  Individualized nutrition programs are the foundation to any effective athletic program. Invest in 1 of these programs and you will see just how quickly your physique and performance change.

The last and absolute most crucial thing you can do to stop injury is wear appropriate protective gear and equipment.  Helmets, gloves, goggles, boots, pants, and jerseys are all widespread items worn by racers and riders.  Each time I go to the races I am so surprised by the quantity of riders who do not wear elbow and knee-pads, kidney belts, chest protectors, mouth guards, and the all new Leat-Brace (neck protector).  I have heard several excuses as to why a racer has chosen not to wear such sound equipment and my response is a little discomfort is greater than a crushed knee or elbow.  Now that is actually discomforting! Do your self a favor if you are one of those who does not use any of the listed items, buy some and get use to wearing them, they completely will stop injury!

Keeping yourself safe not only is excellent for you but good for our sport.  The number of atv and motorcycle injuries increases each year due to the fact of the several men and women who do not take the correct precautions to protect themselves although riding.  These injuries get recorded and have a direct impact on all of us, such as the limited amount of land to ride on, the high cost of medical and atv/motorcycle insurance, as well as the general publics opinions on the safety of our sport.  Support to maintain our sports future a bright 1, practice the information supplied and ride safe so that you can ride one more day.

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