Ridley Motorcycle – A Clutchless Wonder

The Ridley Motorcycle would not be the first motorcycle name to be uttered if someone was asked to name their favorite motorcycle cruiser.

When people think of American cruiser motorcycles it will always be the same ones brought to mind such as the Harley Davidson or Indian, most probably because they have been around forever, however there is another motorcycle which is growing in stature and consequently is very much sought after.

The Ridley motorcycle has been built by Clay Ridley and his team since 1995 after developing his dream idea for four years. Today The Ridley Motorcycle Company build the most innovative and stunningly beautiful motorcycles in their Oklahoma City Factory, and are then distributed world wide via a global network of authorized dealers.

When Clay Ridley started his company he did so off the back of a lifetime of innovation, from being a young boy he dreamed of this day. He had always been hands on building bikes from a very early age, he continues to design and build out of the ordinary bikes that have earned the right to display the Ridley Motorcycle badge.

The first designs were for a three quarter style cruiser known as Ridley speedster these sold well, however, more people were demanding a bigger bike so the Auto Glide was born and was received enthusiastically by both beginners and experienced riders.

The Auto Glide differs from most other bikes by being extremely light weight, it has a very low seat and a unique automatic transmission. They are great bikes to ride and boy do they turn heads as all of the bikes have been produced with a stunning paint job; the powerful 700cc V twin engine on the Auto-Glide emits a warm bass tone from the chromed mufflers.

Auto-Glide Chopper and its four other cruiser models – the Auto-Glide Sport, Auto-Glide Classic, Auto-Glide TT, and the Auto-Glide Old School are superbly engineered. The CVT automatic transmission delivers a smooth, jerk-free, quick take-off. It maintains broader gear range and returns very low fuel consumption. For the riders who do not want auto there is the Ridley X- Glide, which is a five speed shifting bike with a Harley Davidson engine.

Once on the road no one would know you’re riding a clutch-less bike, a Ridley motorcycle looks and sounds the same as any other cruiser, however the beauty of a Ridley is the ease which you ride with, in fact you could easily do the whole journey one handed. The seating position is perfect and the fit and finish on all of Ridley’s bikes is unbeatable with custom paint, loads of chrome and spoked wheels with white walled tires

Motorcycling is all about freedom of choice and being able to have fun on the open road, to be able to feel the wind in your face and experience an exciting ride. It has shown by the steady increase in sales that Clay Ridley and his team created a winner with the Ridley Motorcycle.

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