Safe Driving Tips For Your Motorcycle

When you’re out on your motorcycle it’s important to remember that you are at a disadvantage because you are less visible to other vehicles, and you are much smaller and vulnerable than other vehicles.  Keeping these two things in mind can potentially help keep you in the right mindset while riding.  There’s a high level of unpredictability when you’re out on the road, so keeping that in mind will help get you in the mode of being a defensive driver and possibly help save your life.  Being in the right mindset is one way to help protect yourself, but there are also many other ways you can stay safe while riding your motorcycle.

One way you can protect yourself when you’re out on the road on your motorcycle is by always being aware of your surroundings.  Driving is hard enough as it is when you’re in a car.  Take into consideration now the fact that you’re on a motorcycle and the level of difficulty is raised.  When you’re cruising along on your bike, you have to be aware of what is surrounding you.  Are there other cars, pedestrians, obstacles?  These are types of things you want to look for.  If there are other cars, either coming or going along side you, make sure they can see you.  Because motorcycles are much smaller, it is more difficult to be seen in blind spots or other areas where visibility is reduced.  Don’t be afraid to give yourself more space between you and other vehicles, pedestrians, or other obstacles.

Another tip for staying safe while driving your motorcycle is by practicing good driving techniques.  If you’ve taken a rider course, then you’ve been taught the basic fundamental skills of riding a motorcycle.  These techniques have been proven to make you a better a driver so it’s important that you practice those skills each and every time you ride.  Skills like the look and turn technique where you actually look to where you want to go and then execute your turn, or pushing in the direction you want to turn instead of pulling while your in a corner are some of the basics that truly do work and help your driving technique as well.  

Some other tips for staying safe on your motorcycle include never riding while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, avoiding riding if you’ve had little sleep or are too tired to be alert, and avoiding riding in hazardous weather conditions.  Riding under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is just plain dangerous because your basic bodily functionality and skill is impaired by these substances, which makes driving hazardous to you and others on the road.  Aside from being illegal, it is just plain stupid.  If you’ve had little sleep and are overtired, then chances are you’ll have difficulty driving to your full ability and may make poor decisions which could lead to accidents or worse.  It is recommended that you not drive if you’re over tired.  Motorcycles are not meant to be driven in storms or other major weather situations because they are harder to handle in these situations.  If road conditions become dangerous, you’re worse off then those in cars and trucks because you are more exposed to the elements and have less traction so it may be your best bet to pull off the road and wait it out.

These are just a few points to keep in mind that will help you stay safe while out on your motorcycle.  Hopefully you’ll use these tips to help improve your riding experiences and you’ll be able to enjoy many years of trouble free motorcycle riding.

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