Shanghai Automotive Maintenance Industry “four Unique Skills”

Cold snap last year, China’s automobile marketplace, but the auto Service Industry profits increased by 20%.

Due to the fact the vehicle maintenance business growth comes more from the growth of auto ownership, even if the vehicle sales to a halt, as long as the holdings is growing, vehicle repair business growth is assured. In Shanghai, some by car repair Developing Up and entered the car sales industry enterprises such as Shanghai Wanxing auto sales businesses, vehicle maintenance for the company’s profit contribution is significantly larger than the profit contribution rate of automobile sales.

Trick 1 to “scrap” up and running

Last November, the Shanghai Public Security Museum curator Zhigang will pile of “scrap” handed on the high lake auto repair shop in the hands of director Zhang WQ: “Lao Zhang, ah, this may possibly be some things that make life challenging for you, but this vehicle Start with the Chinese Modern Significance of the testimony of police agencies. The most unusual is that documents are complete. If you can fix, I decided at the national level cultural relics, the museum is a treasure police. “

Original, this is a rare production of the 20th century’s single-cylinder motorcycle 30 is par with Harley Excel. The most rare is the owner of the automobile also retains the 1936 driver’s license and motor vehicle driving license.

Did nearly 30 years of vehicle maintenance manager personally Zhang, mobilization of the whole plant a lot more than 20 diverse sorts of elite auto mechanics, Lien Chan, 7 days 7 nights, finally this has grow to be the wreckage of the motorcycle, 70 After years of tremendous wind and rain once again won the life and integrity of the Shanghai auto maintenance enterprises hundred Show, Fengfengguangguang to debut appearance.

When Wang Guanchang into the maintenance of exhibition internet site, the first thing he found his astonishment. When the repairman on the spot to launch the auto up, he could not conceal his excitement: “I believe that can do the fundamental recovery is already quite great, and did not expect that the motor can be sounded, the dynamic wheel up, is merely uncanny workmanship. So the level of repair, repair technique, not only in Shanghai, the country can be said to be first class. “

Visiting the exposition of the audience were all amazed, and some could not help but ride, to experience an old miles with foreign scenery.

Director Zhang introduced, Lake plant has received a returnee owners, hundreds of thousands of cars brought back from abroad can not travel. Simply because the vehicle is right outside the steering wheel, left steering wheel if they can not change, it indicates a waste truck. After Lake plant modification and let the car run in the streets of Shanghai up.

Director Zhang Shanghai auto repair business, I is the initial generation of senior automotive technician. He said: ” Car repair Is not tough, hard to repair some special vehicles, although it is not a significant market, it is a special market. Special vehicle repair outside the automotive repair industry, a extremely professional and really mature marketplace segments, in our country at the beginning and will need someone very first. “Lake factory set to the unique abilities unique vehicle repair work, so numerous consumers come here especially. Last year, repair their vehicles up to 8,000 sets.

Trick 2 “high price” automobile repair can be

This is almost certainly the least unique maintenance technicians Shanghai station?? Only eight individuals; need to still serve a minimum of maintenance stations, not more than 30 carts.

Simply because it is the Rolls Royce repair.

Rolls-Royce Authorized Service Center of East China – Shanghai rose and, hidden in an unassuming JMC’s special service stations.

Zhang Zhijun is head of Rolls-Royce repair shop. He told us that they did the greatest maintenance enterprise is 180,000 yuan. The price sufficient to buy a displacement of 2. mid-size car.

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