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Stephen Bonnici at pedalfast coaching has numerous hours under his belt running track cycling sessions at cycling tracks and velodrome. Stephen Bonnici runs track sessions on a every day basis’ weather its for the public / professional & talent teams and cooperative team building groups like Team spirit cycling camps.

Over the years, Stephen Bonnici has spent quite a few hours himself riding bicycles of all types from early days being just the kid in the street on his BMX playing tag on bikes with his friends to being a full time athlete competing in several competitions on the road and track events going on to have quite a few wins.

Stephen Bonnici has a tough but a really rewarding coaching style where he strives to get the best out of his riders even though leaving them enthusiastic and confident about themselves.

Stephen Bonnici has had a wide range of experience in life with extreme sports and fit life style with quite a few past times, military training and working along side British cycling coaches making use of a cocktail of strategies, Stephen Bonnici has also raced motorcycles, not only fitness training strategies but bike handling abilities too.

Stephen Bonnici likes to combine experiences gained from being a competitor and coach, its very good to know how the subject feels even though training, this makes it possible for the coach to give a far better understanding on how to make training exercise scenario’s  simulate realistic situations that happen during races on the cycling track or velodrome.

Listed below

Coaches guide to track cycling exercises

Lap or half lap changes

Pairs lap changes

Taking laps or half laps

Beep(whistle) test


Follow the leader/Humps & Bumps

Get out of jail

Train stations

Human Derny

Chain gang/through & off

Chain gang lap taking

Killer (Handicap points scenario)


Stacking jump across

Stack race


Back to front

Ride the wall


Workhorse/Bell &Whistle

Jump across (solo & partnered)

Discover-out who your friends are


Dome of doom (solo & partnered)

Locate every exercise detailed on articles on articlebase .com and on the pedalfast coaching web site https://internet site/pedalfastcoaching/

Stephen Bonnici

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