Strength Training for Motorcycle and ATV Racers

Strength Training for Motorcycle and ATV Racers

By Coach Marc Spataro

What do you believe it takes to ride a motorcycle or ATV at a competitive level for an extended period of time out on the track?  Riding experience, abilities, guts, a bit of insanity?  Yes all of those are needed, but much more importantly STRENGTH!   The laws of physics are against us here.  Our machines can weigh from 250 to 400 pounds and our protective equipment approximately yet another 30, now throw in gravity and inertia and we have developed a force on the body that absolutely demands strength. Every competitive athlete in the world strength trains including golfers……GOLFERS!.  Yet so numerous racers believe that strength training is going to have a negative impact on their riding and racing abilities.  Nothing could be further from the truth and I am going to explain why and be the STRENGTH TRAINING MYTHBUSTER!

First myth about strength training is that racers believe they are going to get to massive or to muscular.  Everybody equates strength or weight training to searching like a body builder.  Coming from a body building background let me make certain to you that it takes a lot of food, supplements, a body building style-training program, and drugs to get a physique like that.  If your program design is to make you stronger and far more functional out on the track you do not have to worry about becoming too huge or too muscular, just stronger.  Being stronger allows you to maneuver the quad far better, push harder under times of pressure, and if you crash or get stuck it can help you get your ATV back in motion.

Second myth, strength training will not develop or enhance cardiovascular endurance.  Racers who believe this obviously have not worked out intensely sufficient or have never worn a heart rate monitor throughout resistance training.  Strength training requires a lot of cardiovascular as well as respiratory assistance.  Have you ever completed a set of squats or dead lifts and not felt your heart pounding through your chest although gasping for air?  If not up your weight and reps you pansy.  Do you feel you are in excellent shape?  If so try performing power cleans at 80% of your max weight to failure (this is when you start to lose very good form) instantly drop down and do push ups to failure, then jump back up and do pull ups to failure.  Are you breathing hard?  Do feel like falling down and crying like a pleeb?  Welcome to real world strength training and conditioning, now do 5 sets of that and finish with some wind sprints, stair climbs, and crab crawls and you will know how and why MPT racers are some of the best conditioned racers around.

Myth number 3, strength training causes arm pump!  No it does not, in fact it will make your hands and forearms stronger, which as expressed in my arm pump write-up will improve riding capability.  Get a grip on some weights and you will get a grip strong sufficient to hold on to some Baldwin motor power!

So the lengthy and the short of it is strength equals speed and power, who doesn’t want a lot more of that?  The quicker and stronger your muscles respond to a reaction the better the chances are that you are going to go faster whilst controlling your machine!  So now strength equals quicker lap times, which equates to better placed finishes, isn’t that the over all goal of racing?  Still want to walk by those weights in the gym?

Time seems to be an problem with each racer, fitting in your work-outs between working and wrenching usually seems to be a limiting factor!  Choosing 1 of the compound strength exercises and performing numerous sets could be the answer to fitting in a fast and successful work out.  Remember some training is greater than no training!  By performing so you will challenge each and every system in the body and maintain and hopefully improve the strength you already have.  These compound movements should be incorporated into your routine throughout the year.  Stick with the suggested exercises and you will soon see why they are at the heart of every single athlete’s training program no matter what the sport could be.  Well my coaching is performed for today, best of luck out on the track and as always if I can assist please reach me at!  MS

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