Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Accidents

As gas prices are continuing to soar up, numerous people now prefer motorcycles as their mode of transportation. 1 of the reasons is that these two-wheeled motor vehicles are among the cheapest and most widespread forms of motorized transport.

But, as the sales of motorcycles boost, the number of motorcycle accidents also escalates.

It is recorded that the rate of motorcycle accidents are higher than automobile accidents. According to the data last 2005 of the United States Department of Transportation from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, there are 75.19 fatal crashes per 100,000 registered vehicles for motorcycles. This is four times higher than passenger cars at 18.62 per 100,000 registered vehicles.

Last 2006 there were 4,810 recorded motorcycle deaths in the United States.

Findings related to the trigger and characteristics of motorcycle accidents:

•    Over 80% of fatalities occur off roadway

•    About one-third of motorcycle riders that are fatally injured did not have a proper license

•    Around 60% of motorcycle fatalities happened at night

•    In 2% of the accidents, the trigger was roadway defects, such as potholes, pavement ridges, etc.

•    1% of these accidents had been caused by animal involvement

•    Less than three% are accounted because of vehicle failure

•    Approximately, 3-fourths of the crashes involved another vehicle

•    A lot more or much less, one-fourth of the accidents were single vehicle accidents where the motorcycle collides with the roadway or some fixed object

•    Two-thirds in single vehicle accidents, motorcycle rider error was present as a factor of the accident

•    Weather is a factor in just 2% of motorcycle accidents

•    The most likely location for these kinds of accidents are intersections

•    One of the main trigger of motorcycle accidents is the failure of other motorists to recognize motorcycles in visitors

•    Two-thirds of multiple vehicle accidents was caused by the driver of the other vehicle due to the fact of violating the correct-of-way of the motorcycle

•    Accidents are likely to take place in a short span of time, close to the trip origin

•    96% of the accident-involved motorcycle riders are males

•    The age of most riders who are involved in these accidents are ranging between 16 and 24

•    92% of accident-involved motorcyclist were without formal training

•    Alcohol involvement is shown in nearly half of the fatal accidents

•    In motorcycle accidents, the possibility of injury is really high with 98% in multiple vehicle collisions and 96% in single vehicle accidents

•    The severity of the injury increases with alcohol involvement, speed, and motorcycle size

•    73% of the riders involved in these accidents utilized no eye protection

•    The most deadly injuries to the victims had been injuries to the head and chest

•    60% of motorcycle riders had been not wearing helmets throughout the accident

•    Only much less than 10% of riders involved in these accidents have insurance

•    Involvement in motorcycle accidents are decreased by using motorcycle headlamps and wearing high visibility orange, bright red, or yellow jackets

•    Training in motorcycle riding also reduces accident involvement

There are several factors to think about in determining the cause of motorcycle accidents, but in most cases, it is not the fault of the rider.

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