Tips To Prevent Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Back to the fundamental of riding motorcycle, you know how to riding motorcycle but sometimes you forget how you rock and roll your motorcycle with safely. I am Indonesian motorcycle rider, for me utilizing this vehicle is truly enjoyable and always enjoy to ride my motorbike each and every days. I just curious, why there’s so quite a few motorcyclist riding like shit? They typically do not care about riding rules, do not care their motorcycle in very good working condition or not, not even care about safety gear when riding on the road. I’m not surprised if they had fatal motorcycle accident several times, in my opinion that’s most foolish thing that you do on riding motorbike. I wrote this for all of motorcycle rider specially for Indonesian riders, you responsible to your self and the other riders.

Really, motorcycle accidents frequently occurred at Jakarta Indonesia highway, I believe it appears like usual tragically phenomenon. And guest what, the motorcyclist is the most in seriously injury than other vehicle like cars or truck, specifically if the rider not making use of any safety gear. So, now you know that’s not each riders know how to riding motorcycle with safely.

Based in my experience in riding motorcycle, there is a few suggestions to stop motorcycle accidents. You require to know some basic things you can do to prevent motorcycle accident and also boost your safety level when riding motorcycle. Ok, here they are:

Make sure your motorcycle work properly and in excellent conditions. Do not forget to wear motorcycle safety gears. Bare minimum: helmet, riding jacket, gloves, and eyewear. You should never riding with the maximum speed on the crowded highway and avoid riding in adverse weather. Do not riding motorcycle after drink an alcohol. Each year, the number of motorcycle accidents give us anew statistic to evaluate, and it almost always includes accidents that involve alcohol consumption. Beware of road hazards and visitors jams, you ought to stay alert when riding. You want to use your signal lights in each and every riding, but for older motorcycle there’s no signal accessible. So, the riders ought to use hand signals to communicate with other travelers.

To complete your safety level and to stop motorcycle accidents, you require more experience at motorcycle riding. Experience truly is the very best teacher, and you will recognize why complying with the rules of the road is so crucial to your safety.

That doesn’t mean there’s no motorcycle accident wouldn’t happen if you do increase your riding experience and riding with very good attitude. But the thing which definitely, by performing your parts as a great responsible motorcycle rider, you will improve your chances of keeping the roads safe for every one and enjoy motorcycle riding for many years.

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