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The United Fire-Defense Agency/Rescue Fire

The Rescue Fire (, Resuky Fai?) team is a newly-formed special team called the Super-Fire Specialist Team (, Chkasai Tokka Butai?) in the United Fire-Defense Agency (, Sekai Shb Ch?) or “UFDA”, the organization behind the Rescue Force team. The Rescue Force team was sent overseas and is currently based in the Europe branch. The artificial satellite Rescue Eye (, Resuky Ai?) detects a Super-Fire. The Rescue Fire team is normally stationed at the Fire Phoenix (, Fai Fenikkusu?) in Tateishi City (, Tateishi Shiti?). The Fire Phoenix can switch from Fortress Mode (, Ftoresu Mdo?) to flying Space Mode (, Supsu Mdo?) and assumes Spiral Highway (, Supairaru Haiwei?) when launching the Rescue Dashes. The Fire Phoenix Space Mode’s Final Rescue is Freezing Cannon (, Furjingu Kyanon?) which fires twin icy balls at the enemy to freeze them before a Phoenix Crash (, Fenikkusu Kurasshu?).

Tatsuya Homura/Fire-1 ( , Homura Tatsuya/Fai Wan?): The rookie member of Rescue Fire, donning an orange suit. His parents were fire fighters who died when he was age 6 around Christmas time, placed in the custody of relatives for two difficult years before enrolling in Himawari School, where he learned to smile from Mie. After graduation, Tatsuya became a fire fighter prior to joining the Rescue Fire team. Though a skilled member and has a burning “Rescue Soul”, he isn’t nearly as professional as his teammates, and tends to get in trouble for his hijinks. He loves eating anything with ketchup on it and is a recycler by nature. He can utilize kung-fu in his attacks Whirlwind Kick (, Senp Kikku?) and Dragon Kick (, Doragon Kikku?). With the X-Basher, Fire-1 powers up into Fire-1 X (, Fai Wan Ekusu?).

Yuma Megumi/Fire-2 ( , Megumi Yma/Fai Ts?): The emergency medical expert of Rescue Fire, donning a silver suit. His lineage was the Megumi hikeshi. Wanting to be a fire fighter, he promised he would be the best fire fighter to Jiro. Yuma displays a blatant crush on Tama-chan, though his affections have gone unreturned until the Christmas incident. Using the Break Ax, he can execute the Ax Storm (, Akkusu Sutmu?) attack. He also uses the Tri-Basher in Gun Mode to execute the Circle Shot (, Skuru Shotto?) attack.

Ritsuka Yuki/Fire-3 ( , Yuki Ritsuka/Fai Sur?): The female member of Rescue Fire called “Miss Perfect”, donning a green suit. Her father was a top rescuer who died during a Super-Disaster. She left the country and trained in America before joining the Rescue Fire team. She likes animals and has a good knowledge of animals. Though curious as to why someone like Tatsuya is a member of the team, she begins to slowly realize the reason behind it and open up to her teammates.

Tsubasa Aoi/Fire-4 ( , Aoi Tsubasa/Fai F?): A member of the Rescue Fire’s Sky Team (, Sukai Chmu?), donning a black suit. He attended an American university prior to joining the UFDA, being Ritsuka’s rival with the intent on outdoing her under the impression she was Fire-1. But after seeing someone with less experience than her is Fire-1, Tsubasa refuses to acknowledge Tatsuya’s abilities. Although he still considers Ritsuka his rival, he realizes his feelings for her, yet is always interrupted when he is about to confess.

Jun Watari/Fire-5 ( , Watari Jun/Fai Faibu?): A member of the Sky Team, donning a light blue suit.

Riku Taiga ( , Taiga Riku?): The captain of the Rescue Fire, using that title to become a test subject in the development of Fire Suits 1-5, eventually becoming unable to don his own Fire Suit. His parents in Hokkaido run a livestock farm.

Tamami Sugiyama ( , Sugiyama Tamami?): A cafeteria worker nicknamed Tama-chan (?), she researches many dishes to make ideal food that makes people happy. Her parents in Nagoya City run a restaurant.

Reiji Osakabe ( , Osakabe Reiji?): The director of the United Fire-Defense Agency, also known as R0 (, ru Zero?). When the X-Dragon is complete, Osakabe personally helped Tatsuya rekindle his Rescue Soul so he could pilot it.

Bunji Saeki ( , Saeki Bunji?): The head of United Fire-Defense Agency’s vehicle maintenance, first introducing himself to Tatsuya while getting the medium Rescue Force Vehicles ready from their transfer to the Europe branch. He later finished repairs on the Rescue Striker after its destruction by Kanitanken.

Ritsuko Kanzaki ( , Kanzaki Ritsuko?): The chief of the UFDA’s Technology Development Organization (, Gijutsu Kaihatsu Kyoku?). At present she is working with the Rescue Force at the Europe branch and came to Japan to see if the Rescue Fire team can properly form the Great Wyvern.


Naoshi Taiga ( , Taiga Naoshi?): An archaeologist and Riku and Marimo’s older brother, his hobby is to develop original tools while running the Taiga Archaeology Lab. He took orders from Osakabe and found out the slate about the Jakaen and the Ryudouken inside a pyramid in Egypt. Once acquiring it, he brought the tablet to Japan.

Asuka Taiga ( , Taiga Asuka?): Riku and Marimo’s niece and Naoshi’s daughter and assistant, she carries a pendant with a blue stone that reawakes water dragons of the five Blue Pearls connected to the Ryudouken used to seal Donkaen.

Tatsugoro Megumi ( , Megumi Tatsugor?, 4, 11, 38): Yuma’s father who is the foreman of a construction worker.

Yoshie Megumi ( , Megumi Yoshie?, 4, 38): Yuma’s mother who runs the Megumiya (?) monjayaki restaurant.

Jiro (, Jir?, 4, 11): Yuma’s friend who is a construction worker and took Yuma’s place in becoming the best at his company. He has a son named Teppei (, Teppei?, 4).

Mie (, Mie?, 13, 25, 37-38, 47): Tatsuya’s childhood friend from the Himawari School (, Himawari Gakuen?, Sunflower School) orphanage. When he meets her again, she has become a teacher at the school

Rescue Force (, Resuky Fsu?): The team created to protect human lives from various disasters too extreme for normal rescue workers. By the time of Rescue Fire’s formation, the Rescue Force team is transferred to the Europe branch. They fought a Super-Fire caused by Sakaen in London, eventually returning to Japan to help the Rescue Fire team out.

Hikaru Todoroki/R1 ( , Todoroki Hikaru/ru Wan?, 37-38, 43-44): The last remaining member of the Rescue Force team before being transferred to Europe. He can assume the form of R1 Max (, ru Wan Makkusu?).

R2 (, ru Ts?, 37): A male member.

R3 (, ru Sur?, 37): A female member.

R4 (, ru F?, 37): A female member.

Eiji Ishiguro/R5 ( , Ishiguro Eiji/ru Faibu?, 18, 37-38): The leader of Rescue Force. Like the rest of his team, he is transferred to the Europe branch, welcoming Taiga during his visit.

Tetsunosuke Ikeya ( , Ikeya Tetsunosuke?, 21): A former training instructor of the UFDA who runs the Beach House Tetchan (, Umi no Ie Tetchan?).

Yukio Watari ( , Watari Yukio?, 35, 38): Jun’s father and the CEO of Watari Holdings (, Watari Hrudingusu?) who wants Jun to quit the UFDA and succeed him as the CEO.

Kentaro (, Kentar?, 40-42): Tama-chan’s childhood friend who is a member of the Hyper Rescue Nagoya team.

Marimo Taiga ( , Taiga Marimo?, 43): Riku and Naoshi’s younger sister and Asuka’s aunt who works on her parents’ livestock farm.

Koji Misaki ( , Misaki Kji?, 46): A mangaka who is drawing manga Fire Rescue (, Fai Resuky?) and a former fire fighter who was Tsubasa’s senpai. He wants his younger sister Nana (, Nana?, 46) to give up her dream of becoming a fire fighter.


The Jakaen (, Jakaen?, “Evil Fire”) are a group of fire demons that are bent on making people suffer by causing Super-Fire (, Chkasai?). Sealed long ago by a warrior with the freezing powers of five Blue Pearls, the Jakaen’s release into the world was the reason for the formation of the Rescue Fire team. Their original base of operations was underneath Tateishi City, making it the site of more Jakaen attacks. But Donkaen unintentionally caused his base to collapse during his battle with Fire-1 X.

Donkaen (, Donkaen?, “Don Fire”): The head of the Jakaen, he is the last of the Fire Tribe (, Hizoku?). Though his true form was a giant dragon with four additional heads on his tail, Donkaen assumed a giant fireball-like form when he divided his full power into Jokaen and the Three Commanders, normally resting on a fire cauldron. Originally sealed within the North Pole by the ancient warrior, he is revived by global warming and recreates the Jakaen to have his revenge. Though he played with Fire-1, Donkaen gets serious when his opponent gains the X-Basher, eating the Commanders for their powers to assume an incomplete version of his true form, with no heads on his tail, before being defeated by Rescue King’s X Crash. He survived, but is now much smaller and resting in a stone shrine until he decides to enter the center of Earth to rest within the magma to restore himself to full size and power.

Three Commanders (, San Daikanbu?): Created by Donkaen, they carry out the task of attacking humanity for him. They each master a technique called Revenge Fire (, Ribenji Kaen?) that allows them to enhance their Fire Majin. When defeated, a Commander is subjected to torture in the form of cool-tasting treats like ice cream before Donkaen resorts to punishments related to each Commander’s recent scheme. Their team attack is the Jakaen Bomber (, Jakaen Bonb?), a giant fireball that result from merging their Jaka Cores. Through Jokaen, whose power boost causes their weapons to turn red, the Three Commanders not only assume Fire Majin forms called Hyper Kaen (, Haip Kaen?), but also Hyper Gattaien (, Haip Gattaien?) forms like Hyper SakaChukaen (, Haip Sakachkaen?, 31). During the search for the second Blue Pearl, the three Commanders triple team Fire-1 X as part of Jokaen’s plan to leave the team at a disadvantage as he then combines the Commanders into the triple-faced and multi-armed Hyper Triple Gattaien UkaSakaChukaen (, Ukasakachkaen?, 36). But as Tatsuya reserved his powers, the Rescue Fire team manages to form Great Wyvern GX and defeat UkaSakaChukaen. While Jokaen is out of the picture, the Commanders go to Nagoya to enjoy the sights and cause some trouble.

Chukaen (, Chkaen?): The female executive who mainly creates Fire Majin from plants, using a peacock-feathered war fan as her weapon. Her appearance is based on a cobra and a pharaoh, her Hyper Kaen form being a four-eyed naga version of herself with wings for arms that enable her to fly. With Sakaen, Chukaen can execute the Heartbreak Hyper Revenge Fire (, Htobureiku Haip Ribenji Kaen?). Being the cook, she is irate that Sakaen and Ukaen would prefer the cooking of Manpuku Town to her own. As a result, Chukaen goes to the town and captures the chiefs to prove her superiority to them while using them to capture the Rescue Fire members. But she is challenged by Tama-chan, losing to her and baring a grudge against her since. Taking Jokaen to where the Fire Phoenix is normally stationed, Chukaen is consumed in Jokaen’s flames and overpowers the Rescue Fire team and Fire-5 until Fire-1 X defeats her. But Jokaen revives her as a Hyper Kaen as Rescue King and the Super Jet Falcon drive her off. Chukaen and her Fire Majin later attacked Sydney in order to keep the Sky Team and GaiaLeon from interfering with Jokaen’s plan. Jokaen combines Chukaen with a Choco Bananaen to form the Hyper Gattaien Choco BananaChukaen (, Choko Bananachkaen?, 45) before being shattered by the Wyvern Cannon. Chukaen’s name comes from the Japanese word for “center” (, ch?), ending her sentences with “C” (, sh?).

Ukaen (, Ukaen?): A tactician who mainly creates Fire Majin from machines, he is the first to attack after revealing the existence of the Rescue Fire team to their master. His appearance is based on a Chinese Dragon wrapped around his body. His weapon is a rod with a dragon’s head that doubles as a sword, his Hyper Kaen being a warrior version of himself with a spear as his weapon. Getting personal information on Tatsuya, Ukaen uses Roboten to torch Himawari School before piloting it under it is defeated by the Super Fire Dragon. After escaping a pumped up Fire-1, Donkaen gives Ukaen a power boost that nearly kills him. While in his powered state, later given an improved version of his cane to control his power, Ukaen could destroy a city block easily as well as create giant Fire Majin without using Revenge Fire. Jokaen later uses Ukaen to cause a fire on Midori Hill in a plan to lure out the Rescue Fire teams and take them out one by one until Gaia Leon intervenes and sends Hyper Ukaen flying. Soon after a failed attempt to get the X-Basher, Ukaen is combined with a Katchuen to form the Hyper Gattaien UKatchuen (, Ukatchen?, 33) before being blasted off by the Wyvern Cannon. He and his Fire Majin later distracted the Rescue Fire team during Jokaen’s plan. While at Nagoya, Ukaen attempts to propose to weather lady Azusa Naganuma to fill the void in his life, only to be have his heart broken. Ukaen is combined with Sakaen and Kanikaen to form the Hyper Gattaien KaniUkaSakaen (, Kaniukasakaen?, 44) before being shattered by the Cerberus Dragon. Jokaen combines Ukaen with a Cutteren to form the Hyper Gattaien UCutteren (, Ukatten?, 46) before being shattered by the Super Jet Falcon. Ukaen’s name comes from the Japanese word for “right” (, u?), ending his sentences with “R” (, aru?).

Sakaen (, Sakaen?): A strongman who mainly creates Fire Majin from animals, he uses a morning star as his weapon and can shoot his ball-like fists out on chains and retract them back into place. His appearance is based on a volcanic island and his Hyper Kaen form is a gorilla-like version of himself riding on a balancing ball much like the spheres he holds. He also has an allergic reaction to eggs and a thing for Tama-chan. Infused with Jokaen’s flames after he uses him and his fellow commanders in extreme variations of games like soccer and bowling, Sakaen lures out the Rescue Fire team by wrecking everything in sight, even attacking his own allies. Though Fire-1 X defeats him, Jokaen revives him as a Hyper Kaen before Rescue King sends him flying. He was enhanced again and was sent flying after being defeated from GaiaLeon’s Final Rescue. He later is combined with Chukaen into Hyper SakaChukaen before being defeated by the Great Wyvern GX. Later used in Jokaen’s plan to get back at the Rescue Fire team through Jun’s father, Sakaen battles Fire 5 before being defeated by Fire-1 X. However, Jokaen combines Sakaen with a Haekaen to form the Hyper Gattaien HaeSakaen (, Haesakaen?, 35) before being shattered by the Wyvern Cannon. Sakaen and his Fire Majin later attacked London in order to keep the Rescue Force team from interfering with Jokaen’s plan. Sakaen’s name comes from the Japanese word for “left” (, sa?), ending his sentences with “L” (, eru?).

Jokaen (, Jkaen?, 27-): Jakaen’s top commander, an insane lunatic in personality who enjoys the suffering of others. His face is based on an upside down face illusion, having a usual happy face that slips into an enraged face when Jokaen gets serious. He uses a scissors sword as his weapon. He masters a technique that allows him to enhance the Three Commanders into Fire Majin forms using his fire as turn them into Hyper Kaen with his feather. He originally rebelled against his creator Donkaen, only to fail and was sealed within the North Pole as a result. However, due the Rescue Fire nearly extinguishing him, Donkaen releases Jokaen to serve as acting leader. Jokaen spends his freedom embracing the modern times but kept getting bored after using the commanders in various games for his amusement, until he uses Sakaen to cause a rampage as the Rescue Fire Team arrives. Shooting his flames across the city, he attracts Fire-1′s attention. After his brief fight with Fire-1 X, Jokaen develops an interest in him and more so in the X-Basher. Obtaining the Blue Pearl of Purity, Jokaen tainted it into an orb of “Impurity” (, Daku?). During Christmas time, Jokaen sends the Commanders to the three corners of the World to distract the UFDA rescue branches as he hijacks a space shuttle to make his way towards Comet Soho (, Sh Suisei?) to change its transjectionary towards Earth. After fighting Fire-1 X on the comet’s surface and losing the purified Blue Pearl in the process, Jokaen fuses into Soho to become the two-faced Hyper Gattaien Suiseien (, Suiseien?, 38). However, Great Wyvern GX manages to freeze Suiseien before he can enter Earth’s atmosphere and shatter him with Great Wyvern Attack. But Jokaen survived and took a magma to recuperate, causing a heatwave in Nagoya City before obtaining the Blue Pearl of Pleasure and tainted it into an orb of “Sad” (, Hi?) that gives him super speed. Jokaen’s name comes from the Japanese word for “top” (, j?).

Jakasts (, Jakasuto?): The Jakasts are the Jakaen foot soldiers, who constantly chant “jaka” (?).

Fire Majin

The Super-Fire causing Fire Majin (, Kaen Majin?) are created by the Three Commanders from a Jaka Core (, Jakadama?) they each carry which whirls to life once exposed to a heat source and enters the nearest object in the area, taking its physical form before going on a rampage to seek vengeance. A Fire Majin can be enlarged and upgraded by commanders’ Revenge Fire. Two or more Fire Majin can merge into a more powerful Gattaien (, Gattaien?) when their commanders engage Revenge Fire at the same time. Since Jokaen’s appearance, the Fire Majin are not used much other than boost up a commander’s power as a Hyper Gattaien.

Biken (, Baikuen?, 1, 20, 37): A smoldering motorcycle Fire Majin. Upgrades into Hyper Kaen Hyper Biken (, Haip Baikuen?, 43).

Inukaen (, Inukaen?, 2): A dog Fire Majin.

Kinokoen (, Kinokoen?, 3, 19, 37): A giant mushroom Fire Majin.

Keitaien (, Keitaien?, 4, 37): A mobile phone Fire Majin.

Karasuen (, Karasuen?, 5, 28): A crow Fire Majin.

Bananaen (, Bananaen?, 6): A banana Fire Majin.

Drillen (, Doriruen?, 7): A Fire Majin created from the Rescue Drill.

Haekaen (, Haekaen?, 8, 35, 37): A fly Fire Majin.

Kanitanken (, Kanitankuen?, 9, 37): Created from a toy tank, Tanken (, Tankuen?, 9, 37) was used to take advantage of the Fire Dragon’s damage, attacking the Rescue Striker on Ukaen’s orders until Sakaen intervene with his crab Fire Majin Kanikaen (, Kanikaen?, 9, 37, 44) in what turned into an all-out brawl.

Cabbatruen (, Kyabetoraen?, 11): A Fire Majin created from the combination of the Subaru Sambar pickup truck Fire Majin Trucken (, Torakkuen?, 11, 37) and the cabbage Fire Majin Cabbagen (, Kyabetsuen?, 11, 37).

Hebikaen (, Hebikaen?, 12): A cobra-like snake Fire Majin.

Roboten (, Robottoen?, 13, 19): A Fire Majin created from a toy robot, later transformed into the Giant Roboten (, Jaianto Robottoen?).

Ikutteren (, Ikatten?, 14): The combination of the squid Fire Majin Ikakaen (, Ikakaen?, 14, 19, 37) and the box cutter Fire Majin Cutteren (, Katten?, 14).

Mamekaen (, Mamekaen?, 15, 37): A Fire Majin created from several beans.

Nekkoen (, Nekkoen?, 16): A Fire Majin created from the roots of a lone tree.

Kumokaen (, Kumokaen?, 16, 37): A spider Fire Majin.

Natsukazeen (, Natsukazeen?, 17): A summer cold virus Fire Majin.

Rocket Hanabien (, Roketto Hanabien?, 18, 37): A Fire Majin made from skyrockets.

Roboikakinokoen (, Roboikakinokoen?, 19, 37): Used in a divide and counter scheme, the Commanders combine a Robokaen, a Kinokoen, and an Ikakaen to form a Triple Gattaien (, Toripuru Gattaien?). Though able to withstand the Final Rescues of the Super Fire Dragon and Super Jet Falcon, Roboikakinokoen is destroyed by the Great Wyvern. Another Roboikakinokoen appeared in Syndey before the Falcon Vehicles destroy it.

Obakeen (, Obakeen?, 21): A Fire Majin created from a fake ghost.

Barakaen (, Barakaen?, 23, 37): A Fire Majin created from a bouquet of roses.

Katchuen (, Katchen?, 24-25, 33, 37): A giant knight Fire Majin created from a suit of armor.

Mukadeen (, Mukadeen?, 28, 37): A centipede Fire Majin.

Koalaen (, Koaraen?, 41): A koala Fire Majin created from Chiroru, a koala at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Hyper Shachihokoen (, Haip Shachihokoen?, 42): A Hyper Gattaien formed by Shachihokoen (, Shachihokoen?, 42) created from the shachihoko on Nagoya Castle.

Choco Bananaen (, Choko Bananaen?, 45): A chocolate-covered banana Fire Majin.

Rescue Vehicles

Rescue Dashes

The Rescue Dashes (, Resuky Dasshu?) are the Core Units for the larger Rescue Vehicles, each equipped with a Safety Field barrier. These can be utilized in newer vehicle models for execution of either a Dragon Attack or a Falcon Attack.

Rescue Dash-1 (, Resuky Dasshu Wan?): A special regulation Nissan 370Z cruiser assigned to Fire-1; serves as the cockpit for Fire Dragon Rescue Vehicle.

Rescue Dash-2 (, Resuky Dasshu Ts?): A special regulation Nissan Paramedic ambulance assigned to Fire-2; serves as the cockpit for Dozer Dragon Rescue Vehicle.

Rescue Dash-3 (, Resuky Dasshu Sur?): A special regulation Nissan Cube assigned to Fire-3; serves as the cockpit for Turbo Dragon and Rescue Striker Rescue Vehicles.

Rescue Dash-4 (, Resuky Dasshu F?): A special regulation Nissan Skyline Coupe assigned to Fire-4; serves as the cockpit for the Jet Falcon.

Rescue Dash-5 (, Resuky Dasshu Faibu?): A special regulation Nissan X-Trail assigned to Fire-5; serves as the cockpit for the Heli Falcon.

Rescue Dash-6 (, Resuky Dasshu Shikkusu?): A special regulation Nissan Murano assigned to Riku.

Rescue Striker

The Rescue Striker (, Resuky Sutoraik?) is a large-scale water truck Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-3 prior to the completion of Turbo Dragon. It was borrowed from Rescue Force. Its Final Rescue is the Water Cannon (, Wt Kyanon?), shooting a jet of liquid nitrogen. It once combined with the Rescue Drill to become the Drill Striker in order to destroy Drillen with its Final Rescue, Dril Boost. While the Fire Dragon was being repaired, Fire-1 was given the Rescue Striker to pilot until it sacrificed itself to save Fire-1 from Kanitanken’s attack. It has since been repaired, and is currently again in use of Rescue Forces R1.

2nd Generation Rescue Vehicles

The Rescue Vehicles (, Resuky Bkuru?) used by the Rescue Fire and Sky teams have two configuration modes: Scramble Mode (, Sukuranburu Mdo?) and Rescue Mode (, Resuky Mdo?).

Fire Dragon (, Fai Doragon?)

The Fire Dragon is a large-scale Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-1. It largely facilitates the functions of a fire engine and semi-trailer truck. In Scramble Mode, Fire Dragon functions as auto-transport for the small-scale Rescue Vehicles for immediate transport to the disaster site. Rescue Mode transforms the vehicle bed into a fire fighting apparatus. This formation has access to Drain Water (, Dorein Wt?), Dragon Shot (, Doragon Shotto?), Dragon Ladder (, Doragon Rad?), and Dragon Anchor (, Doragon Ank?) cables functions. Its Final Rescue is the Ice Tornado (, Aisu Torundo?) which fires twin streams of icy water at the enemy to freeze them, before a Dragon Attack (, Doragon Atakku?) shoots the flaming Rescue Dash-1 to finish the target off.

Dozer Dragon (, Dz Doragon?)

The Dozer Dragon is a medium-scale Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-2 which has a bulldozer Rescue Mode, which originally had a flaw in the cooling system that shut the vehicle down after 45 seconds. It is able to execute the Dragon Tornado Drop (, Doragon Tatsumaki Otoshi?) and the Tough Machine Drop using the Dragon Bucket (, Doragon Baketto?). Other abilities include shooting Dragon Anchor cables. It can also fling another Rescue Vehicle at the target to unleash the other Rescue Vehicle’s Final Rescue using the Dragon Bucket in a Combination Attack. Its Final Rescue is the Bind Crash (, Baindo Kurasshu?), which creates a freeze wave that makes its way to the target before the Dozer Dragon charges at it once frozen, lifting it into the air. It then executes a Dragon Attack with the flaming Rescue Dash-2 to finish the job.

Turbo Dragon (, Tbo Doragon?)

The Turbo Dragon is a medium-scale large blower Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-3 with a turbofan Rescue Mode that allows it to execute the blast attack from the Dragon Turbofan (, Doragon Tbofan?). Its Final Rescue is the Blast Hurricane (, Burasuto Harikn?), using the sirens’ sound wave to cause the fan to fire a spiraling ice stream that freezes the target and leaves it open for a Dragon Attack from the Rescue Dash-3.

Jet Falcon (, Jetto Farukon?)

The Jet Falcon is a large-scale fighter jet Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-4. It launches Hydro Missiles (, Haidoro Misairu?) from wings. Its Final Rescue is the Aurora Break (, rora Bureiku?), creating a jetstream around the enemy, followed by a Falcon Attack (, Farukon Atakku?) or a Double Falcon Attack with Heli Falcon.

Heli Falcon (, Heri Farukon?)

The Heli Falcon is a medium-scale Rescue Vehicle assigned to Fire-5 which has a fighter jet Scramble Mode and a helicopter Rescue Mode. It shoots Hydro Eraser (, Haidoro Ireiz?) from the nose. Its Final Rescue is the Freeze Colder (, Furzu Krud?), creating ice whirlwind that covers enemy, followed by a Falcon Attack or a Double Falcon Attack with Jet Falcon.


The X-Dragon (, Ekusu Doragon?) is a large-scale ambulance Rescue Vehicle with AI and VVEL engine assigned to Fire-1, who possessed a strong enough Rescue Soul to use it. It can also remote control it through the Rescue Megaphone. It can assume either Vehicle Mode (, Bkuru Mdo?), able to shield itself generating the Safety Field (, Seifuti Frudo?) and shoot the Drain Water, and Drill Mode (, Doriru Mdo?). The X-Dragon can also transform into the humanoid Robot Mode (, Robotto Mdo?) named X-Dragon Robo (, Ekusu Doragon Robo?), able to execute the Final Rescue X Meteor Punch (, Ekusu Rysei Panchi?), which it delivers a powerful fiery punch to the enemy.


GaiaLeon (, Gaiareon?) is a large-scale driverless Rescue Vehicle with AI and VVEL engine which has an excavator Vehicle Mode and a lion type robot Beast Mode (, Bsuto Mdo?). As a result of being prideful, GaiaLeon acts on his own whim and listens to those he can acknowledge. Its Final Rescue is the Leon Burst (, Reon Bsuto?), which fires a powerful freezing bullet which splits into 4 lion-shaped bullets that freezes and destroy the enemy on contact.

Upgraded Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles

These are an upgraded version of the medium-scale Rescue Vehicles based on the same models used by the Rescue Force.

Rescue Shovel Red Type (, Resuky Shoberu Reddo Taipu?): A drag shovel Rescue Vehicle which can transform into Claw Mode (, Kur Mdo?).

Rescue Drill Black Type (, Resuky Doriru Burakku Taipu?): A tank-like Rescue Vehicle with twin drills and a cutoff saw on top. The Black Type also has active camouflage.

Rescue Turbo Red Type (, Resuky Tbo Reddo Taipu?): A large blower Rescue Vehicle with a turbofan on it.

Rescue Dozer Blue Type (, Resuky Dz Bur Taipu?): A dump truck Rescue Vehicle which can transform into Dozer Drive Mode (, Dz Doraibu Mdo?) from Dump Mode (, Danpu Mdo?).

Rescue Crane Green Type (, Resuky Kurn Gurn Taipu?): A crane Rescue Vehicle.

Rescue Vehicle Combinations

Super Fire Dragon (, Sp Fai Doragon?)

The Super Fire Dragon is the combination of all three Dragon Vehicles. Its Final Rescue is the Super Ice Tornado (, Sp Aisu Torundo?), an improved version of the Ice Tornado that freezes the enemy, followed by the Super Dragon Attack (, Sp Doragon Atakku?) with the Rescue Dash-1 having thrice the impact on the enemy.

Super Jet Falcon (, Sp Jetto Farukon?)

The Super Jet Falcon is the combination of both Falcon Vehicles. Its Final Rescue is the Super Aurora Break (, Sp rora Bureiku?), creating a wind that freezes the opponent instantly, followed by a Super Falcon Attack (, Sp Farukon Atakku?).

Great Wyvern (, Gurto Waibn?)

The Great Wyvern is the combination of the Super Fire Dragon and the Super Jet Falcon. Its Final Rescue is the Infinite Thunder (, Infinitto Sand?) where a giant wave of electricity is fired from the great Wyvern’s mouth, followed by a Wyvern Attack (, Waibn Atakku?) with the electrically-charged Rescue Dash-1 finishing the target.

Rescue King (, Resuky Kingu?)

The Rescue King is the humanoid combination of the Fire Dragon and the X-Dragon. Its weapon is the King X-Basher (, Kingu Ekusu Bassh?) and its Final Rescue is the X Crash (, Ekusu Kurasshu?), during which Fire-1 X charges the X-Basher and finishes the opponent with a freezing cross slash.

Great Wyvern GX (GX, Gurto Waibn J Ekkusu?)

The Great Wyvern GX is the combination of the Great Wyvern, the X-Dragon, and the GaiaLeon. The formation was original inaccessible as Tatsuya is unable to endure the combination until he gains the Blue Pearl of Faith. Its Final Rescue is the Great Hurricane (, Gurto Harikn?), fire a multitude of blasts that not only freeze the target but also extinguishes the surrounding fire. It’s then followed by a Great Wyvern Attack (, Gurto Waibn Atakku?) where all five Rescue Dashes are launched at once.

Wyvern Cannon (, Waibn Kyanon?)

The Wyvern Cannon is the combination of the Dozer Dragon and Turbo Dragon with the Super Jet Falcon, serving as a cannon for Rescue King. In this mode, the Wyvern Cannon fires a freezing bullet which destroys the enemy in one shot.

Cerberus Dragon (, Keruberosu Doragon?)

The Cerberus is the combination of the Fire Dragon and all five upgraded medium-scale Rescue Vehicles. Its Final Rescue is the Cerberus Crash (, Keruberosu Kurasshu?), which Cerberus Dragon fires multiple Ice blasts to the enemy, freezing it on contact and finishes it with an all out crush using it’s drills, shovel and crane attachments.

Rescue Tools

Rescue Megaphone

The Suit-Up Megaphone Rescue Megaphone ( , Chakus Megahon Resuky Megahn?) is the team’s common suit-up tool with AI. Shifting its lever to various modes allows the user to relay commands. Fire-1′s Rescue Megaphone is replaced with one possessing a TF-Q robot mode. Nicknamed Q-suke (, Kysuke?), the robot is designed to help Tatsuya become more professional. Q-suke is also outfitted with the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes.

FIRE UP: Transforms the user into suit-up form upon the command “Suit-Up” (, Chakus?).

DASH GO: Launches a Rescue Dash vehicle from a Dragon vehicle.

SCRAMBLE: Starts the Rescue Vehicles.

FINAL RESCUE: Executes the Rescue Vehicles’ Final Rescue.

DRAGON UP: Combines Dragon vehicles.


The Rescue Fire Extinguisher Tri-Basher (, Resuky Shkaki Torai Bassh?) is the team’s common rescue tool with three modes. Sword and Gun Modes can execute a powerful attack, by performing a Dragon Charge (, Doragon Chji?) on a Rescue Soul.

Fire Extinguisher Mode (, Shkaki Mdo?): Shoots special fire-extinguishing liquid.

Sword Mode (, Sdo Mdo?): Its powerful attack is the Blizzard Slash (, Burizdo Surasshu?).

Gun Mode (, Gan Mdo?): Its powerful attack is the Blizzard Bullet (, Burizdo Barreto?).

Jet Caliber

The Suit-Up Flying Sword Jet Caliber (, Chakus Hiken Jetto Karib?) is the Sky Team’s common suit-up and rescue tool, normally kept in the Sky Team’s Rescue Dash vehicles until needed. It is usually in Jet Mode (, Jetto Mdo?) until suit-up. Voicing to its microphone on a pommel to various modes allows the user to relay commands. Allows the Sky Team to fly using its Jet Burner (, Jetto Bn?) function. Sword Mode can execute a powerful attack, by performing a Falcon Charge (, Farukon Chji?) on a Rescue Soul.

Sword Mode (, Sdo Mdo?): Its sword guard is a command display and shoots special fire-extinguishing liquid from a fan on it. Its powerful attack is the Sky V Letter Slash (, Tenk Bui no Ji Giri?).

SKY UP: Transforms the user into suit-up form upon the command “Sky Suit-Up” (, Tenk Chakus?).

DASH GO: Launches a Rescue Dash vehicle from a Falcon vehicle.

SCRAMBLE: Starts the Rescue Vehicles.

FINAL RESCUE: Executes the Rescue Vehicles’ Final Rescue.

FALCON UP: Combines Falcon vehicles upon the command “Sky Gattai” (, Sukai Gattai?).


The Rescue Extinguishing Sword X-Basher (, Resuky Shkaken Ekusu Bassh?) is Fire-1 X’s personal suit-up and rescue tool. It was created from the Ryudouken (, Rydken?, Dragon Guiding Sword), an ancient weapon with five Blue Pearls (, Aoki Tama?) installed on it which defeated Donkaen in the past. Over time, the pearls have disappeared and the sword became embedded in its resting place behind Donkaen’s throne until Asuka finds and frees it. Though it was heavy and rusted, the Ryudouken transforms when it reacts to Fire-1′s Rescue Soul. Eventually, the X-Basher regains the Blue Pearls of “Faith” (, Shin?) from Ryujin Village, “Purity” (, Sei?) from the Dragon’s Marsh after Jokaen took it, and “Pleasure” (, Ki?) from Nagoya City after Jokaen took it. Turning its key to various modes allows the user to relay commands. Its Sword Mode is activated by spinning its X-Wheel (, Ekusu Horu?) and performing a Dragon Charge on a Rescue Soul.

Sword Mode (, Sdo Mdo?)

X-FIRE UP: Transforms Fire-1 into Fire-1 X form upon the command “X Suit-Up” (, Ekusu Chakus?) with a 5 minute limit.

X-ATTACK: Executes the Dragon King X-Slash (, Ry Ekusu Giri?), which is normally used against a single opponent.

F-RESCUE: Executes Rescue King’s Final Rescue.

Fire Extinguish Gun Mode (, Shkaj Mdo?)

Rescue Breaker

The Rescue Breaker (, Resuky Bureik?) is the team’s other common handheld tool with eight modes, previously used by the Rescue Force. It is usually in Mobile Mode (, Mobairu Mdo?) until needed.

Break Hammer (, Bureiku Hanm?): A hammer mode.

Break Ax (, Bureiku Akkusu?): An ax mode.

Break Pick (, Bureiku Pikku?): A pick mode.

Break Hand (, Bureiku Hando?): A manipulator mode.

Break Drill (, Bureiku Doriru?): A drill mode.

Break Shot (, Bureiku Shotto?): A simple information analysis mode that can be used also as a digital camera.

Break Rope (, Bureiku Rpu?): A rope mode.


A New Enemy: The Roaring Fire Dragon (, Arata na Teki: Hoeyo Fai Doragon?)

Tatsuya is Anxious: His Partner is a Very Nagging Robot (, Tatsuya ga Shinpai: Aib wa Chuza Robotto?)

Miss Perfect: Ritsuka’s Secret (, Misu Pfekuto: Ritsuka no Himitsu?)

Yuma’s Promise: Count on Dozer Dragon (, Yma no Yakusoku: Tanomu ze Dz Doragon?)

Mama, the Crow, and Everyone are Working Hard (, Mama mo Karasu mo Minna, Ganbatteru?)

Tatsuya and Yuma Fight the Super-Fire (, Tatsuya to Yma ga Kenka shite Chkasai da?)

Rescue Force’s Vehicles are Targeted (, Nerawareta Resuky Fsu no Bkuru?)

Haekaen Blown Away: Turbo Dragon (, Haekaen o Fukitobase: Tbo Doragon?)

THe Striker is in a Pinch! Go Three-Piece Combination (, Sutoraik ga Pinchi! Iku zo Santai Gattai?)

Tama-chan vs. Chukaen (S, Tamachan Bsasu Chkaen?)

The Heart-filled Hometown, Protect Downtown from the Sea of Flames (, Kokoro no Furusato, Shitamachi o Hi no Umi kara Mamore?)

The Zoo is in Trouble: Also Ritsuka’s Weakness (, Dbutsuen ga Taihen: Soshite Ritsuka no Jakuten?)

I’ll Protect the School: Beyond the Smile (, Gakuen wa Ore ga Mamoru: Egao no Mukgawa?)

A Super-Fire On the Sea! Arrival of the Mysterious Jets (, Chkasai wa Umi no Ue! Shutsugen, Nazo no Jetto?)

New Friends: Enter the Sky Team (, Aratanaru Nakama: Shutsuj, Sukai Chmu?)

Make the Sky Combination! Super Jet Falcon (, Kimero Sukai Gattai! Sp Jetto Farukon?)

Fly High, Heli Falcon (, Takaku Maiagare, Heri Farukon?)

A Super-Fire in the Space!? Take Off Fire Phoenix (, Uch de Chkasai!? Tobitate Fai Fenikkusu?)

Five-Piece Combination! The Great Wyvernis Born (, Gotai Gattai! Tanj, Gurto Waibn?)

Recovering Your Partner’s Memory (, Aib no Kioku o Torimodose?)

Swimsuit Suit-up: Special Training at the Beach (, Mizugi de Chakus: Nagisa no Tokubetsu Kunren?)

Explosively Extinguish the Big Typhoon (, Kyodai Taif o Bakuchin seyo?)

A Big Traffic Jam, Will Rescue Fire Make It in Time? (, Daijtai, Ma ni Au ka Resuky Fai?)

Ukaen Power Up! Fire-1 has Lost? (, Ukaen Paw Appu! Fai Wan ga Makeru??)

Stand-up Tatsuya: Use the New Vehicle (, Tachiagare Tatsuya: Shin Bkuru to Tomo ni?)

Wake-up! X-Basher (, Mezame yo! Ekusu Bassh?)

The Unknown Powerful Enemy: Jokaen (, Michinaru Kyteki: Jkaen?)

All-Important Colleagues (, Minna Daiji na Nakamatachi?)

Heated Man: Tsubasa’s Kindness (, Atsuki Otoko: Tsubasa no Yasashisa?)

Captain’s Past: GaiaLeon! Scramble! (, Taich no Kako: Gaiareon! Sukuranburu!?)

The Blue Pearls’ Secrets: Seven-Piece Combination Completed! (, Aoki Tama no Himitsu: Kansei, Nanatai Gattai!?)

Ritsuka is Overwhelmed: The Proud GaiaLeon (, Ritsuka mo Tajitaji: Hokoritakaki Gaiareon?)

The Powers Combined: Wyvern Cannon Go Forth! (, Chikara o Awasero: Waibn Kyanon Hatsud!?)

Driven into a Corner: Tama-chan Suits Up!? (, Zettai Zetsumei: Tamachan Chakus!??)

Report to Father, Jun’s Rescue Spirit (, Chichi ni Todoke, Jun no Resuky Damashii?)

Get the Second Blue Pearl (, Futatsume no Aoki Tama o Te ni Irero?)

Emergency Dispatch: Rescue Force (, Kinky Shutsuj: Resuky Fsu?)

Save the Earth: Great Wyvern GX (, Chiky o Sukue: Gurto Waibn J Ekkusu?)

Special Training: With Teamwork We are One! (, Tokubetsu Kunren: Chmuwku de Hitotsu ni Nare!?)

A Super-Fire in Nagoya City? Rescue Fire, Emergency Dispatch (, Nagoya Siti de Chkasai? Resuky Fai, Kinky Shutsuj?)

Save the Koala! Rescue Spirit and Kishimen Spirit (, Koara o Sukue! Resuky Damashii to Kishimen Damashii?)

Jokaen is still Alive: Nagoya Castle, Duel at the Tower Keep (, Ikiteita Jkaen: Nagoyaj, Tenshukaku no Kett?)

Captain Taiga, Returning to his Hometown!? (, Taiga Taich, Koky e Kaeu!??)

Suit Up, Double 1! Friendship’s New Rescue Combination (, Chakus seyo, Daburu Wan! Yj no Shin Resuky Gattai?)

Chocolate Flames: A Tumultuous Valentine’s Day (, Hon no Chokorto: Haran no Barentaind?)

Heated Promises: Tsubasa’s Past Revealed (, Atsuki Yakusoku: Ima Akasareru Tsubasa no Kako?)

The Hijacked Fire Phoenix (, Nottorareta Fai Fenikkusu?)

Conclusion: Fire-1 VS Jokaen (VS, Ketchaku: Fai Wan Bsasu Jkaen?)


Tatsuya Homura/Fire-1: Sho Kubo ( , Kubo Sh?)

Yuma Megumi/Fire-2: Yu Kawada ( , Kawada Y?)

Ritsuka Yuki/Fire-3: Yu Nakamura ( , Nakamura Y?)

Tsubasa Aoi/Fire-4: Kazuki Fukuyama ( , Fukuyama Kazuki?)

Jun Watari/Fire-5: Masanori Mizuno ( , Mizuno Masanori?)

Riku Taiga: Masataka Fujishige ( , Fujishige Masataka?)

Tamami Sugiyama: Shizuka Nakamura ( , Nakamura Shizuka?)

Reiji Osakabe: Hiroshi Fujioka ( , Fujioka Hiroshi,?)

Naoshi Taiga: Hiromichi Sato ( , Sat Hiromichi?)

Asuka Taiga: Ayaka Itoh ( , It Ayaka?)

Q-suke (Voice): Reiko Takagi ( , Takagi Reiko?)

AI (Voice): Hajime Iijima ( , Iijima Hajime?), Reiko Takagi

Donkaen (Voice): Daisuke Gri ( , Gri Daisuke?)

Jokaen (Voice): Daisuke Kirii ( , Kirii Daisuke?)

Chukaen (Voice): Akeno Watanabe ( , Watanabe Akeno?)

Ukaen (Voice): Susumu Chiba ( , Chiba Susumu?)

Sakaen (Voice): Chafrin (, Chafrin?)

Suit actors

Fire-1: Suguru Onaga ( , Onaga Suguru?)

Fire-2: Masaki Inoue ( , Inoue Masaki?)

Fire-3: Minami Taguchi ( , Taguchi Minami?)

Fire-4: Koya Nakashima ( , Nakashima Kya?)

Fire-5: Masaru Shibue ( , Shibue Masaru?)

Jokaen: Takayuki Yahara ( , Yahara Takayuki?)

Chukaen: Yukie Irei ( , Irei Yukie?)

Ukaen: Mitsutoshi Shiroya ( , Shiroya Mitsutoshi?)

Sakaen: Takeshi Matsui ( , Matsui Takeshi?)


Opening themes

“Rescue Fire” (, Resuky Fai?)

Lyrics & Composition: Hironobu Kageyama

Arrangement: Masaki Suzuki

Artist: JAM Project

Episodes: 1-29

“Baku-Chin Kan-Ryo! Rescue Fire” (, Bakuchin Kanry! Resuky Fai?, “Explosive Extinguishing Complete! Rescue Fire”)

Lyrics & Composition: Hironobu Kageyama

Arrangement: Masaki Suzuki

Artist: JAM Project

Episodes: 30-

Ending themes

“BURNING HERO (TV Version)” (BURNING HERO, Bningu Hr (Terebi Bjon)?)

Lyrics: Kenta Harada

Composition, Arrangement, & Performance: Rey

Episodes: 1-29

“Rescue Tais” (, Resuky Tais?, “Rescue Exercises”)

Lyrics & Composition: Hiroshi Kitadani

Arrangement: Yoshichika Kuriyama & Shiho Terada

Choreography: Hiromichi Sato

Artist: Hiroshi Kitadani

Episodes: 30-

Insert songs

“Rescue Dream!”

Lyrics: Kenta Harada

Composition: Shinya Tasaki

Arrangement & Performance: Rey

“Three souls”

Lyrics & Composition: Hiroshi Kitadani

Arrangement: RON

Artist: JAM Project

“Rescue King” (, Resuky Kingu?)

Lyrics: Kenta Harada

Composition: Shinya Tasaki

Arrangement & Performance: Rey

“Ide yo GaiaLeon” ( , Ide yo Gaiareon?, “Come Forth GaiaLeon”)

Lyrics & Composition: Masaaki Endoh

Arrangement: Hirofumi Miyake

Artist: Masaaki Endoh


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