Top tips for riding with a passenger

Riding with a passenger can be a great experience for both the rider and the pillion.
Nevertheless many riders don’t have significantly experience with carrying a passenger and can wrongly assume that it’s company as usual! Here we give some crucial suggestions on how to get the very best out of riding with a passenger.

Before the ride:

Just before you even begin your journey you may possibly want to make some adjustments to your bike. Check the suspension settings in your manual or consult your motorcycle dealer. You will also need to check the tyre pressures are sufficient.

Invest some time discussing the ride with your passenger. This is specifically essential if they have never ridden pillion before. Tell them to lean with the bike and not to fight it!

Before you don your helmets make positive you establish some basic techniques of communication, such as a couple of pokes in the ribs to stop, and so on.

You may possibly want to consider taking some advanced motorcycle training to make you a lot more confident on two wheels.

Throughout the ride:

Some passengers take a whilst to get used to riding pillion so take it straightforward to start with. You’ll come across most pillions will be happy to lean into corners if you take them at a steady speed and give them some time to create up their confidence.

Any mistakes will be amplified when carrying a passenger. You will need to make your gear changing as smooth as achievable to stop you banging helmets during jerky changes.

Remember you are carrying extra weight and it will take you longer to come to a stop. You’ll require to break sooner than you typically would in order to ensure a safe stopping distance. Where possible come to a stop slowly to stay away from the pillion being pushed forward.

Similarly you require to accelerate gently or the pillion will feel as though they are falling off the back of the bike – not a lot fun!

In summary you require to make the ride as smooth as achievable, in order to minimise movement and discomfort for the pillion. Ride as you would in slippery or wet conditions – with extreme care and gentle movements.

Remember safety comes 1st. When you’re carrying a passenger you are responsible for their safety as well as your own.

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